Ryan Callinan pushes world No.1 all the way to end European tear

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LOOKING AHEAD: Merewether surfer Ryan Callinan in action at the MEO Rip Curl Pro at Supertubos on Thursday (AEDT) against Gabriel Medina. Picture: WSLRyan Callinan was focused on sticking to his own game on the championship tour after ending his amazing European stint with a controversial loss to world No.1 Gabriel Medina in Portugal.

The Merewether surfer lost 13.6 to 7.33 in round three but itwas far closer than the score indicated. Callinan, competing on the CT again as a wildcard, trailed 13.6 to 12.76 and needed a 6.28 when the pair had a fierce paddle battle with one minute,40 seconds left. Medina had priority and Callinan the inside line when they paddled into a wave. Medina grabbed Callinan and appealed to judges as both pulled out.Officials later hit Callinan with an interference call, which wiped his second-best score, a 5.43.

The dramatic end took nothing away from Callinan’s tear on the CT, which came after victory in the 10,000-point qualifying series contest in Portugal last month. Itall but secured hisspot on the 2019 CT and gave him a start at the Quiksilver Pro France, where he lost the final to Julian Wilson.

“I’ve had an amazing run over here. I can’t be disappointed at all,” Callinan said after the loss to Medina.“I’m so happy just to be here and to be here so long.

“He’s a ferocious competitor and I guess that’s why he’s got the yellow jersey, but it’s always good to have a battle with the guy in yellow. He’s obviously the best in the world right now and just to try and push me and push myself to overcome him, it was exciting.”

Asked if he neededto battle harder for continued success on the CT, he said: “I don’t think so.I think my wave selection was maybe a little bit off …I tried to make him make a mistake but it kind of backfired on me unfortunately.I don’t think I need to battle hard, just stick to my own game and try not to get caught up in everything that’s going on.”

Medina, who lost to Callinan in the semi-final of the QS event in Portugal, was relieved to get through. The win kept him on track to claim the world title, possibly at the current event at Supertubos.

“He was a really dangerous guy to surf against,” Medina said.

“He’s been having a good time with results and everything has been working for him, so he was like a sketchy guy, so yeah, no space.”

Meanwhile, Merewether’s Philippa Anderson won her first heat at the 3000-point Hyuga Pro in Japan on Friday with a 13.1 total.

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Major changes to My Health Record laws needed to safeguard Chinans, Senate inquiry finds

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Health Minister Greg Hunt’s changes to My Health Record do not go far enough, a Labor-led Senate inquiry has found. Picture: ALEX ELLINGHAUSENThe deadline to opt-out of the federal government’s controversial My Health Record system should be extended by 12 months and legislation substantially rewrittento safeguard patients’ safety and privacy, aSenate inquiry has found.

The Labor-led inquiry, which released its findings on Thursday, found that Health Minister Greg Hunt’s implementation of an opt-out model had meant that “an unreasonable compromise may have been struck” between the system’s utility and patient rights.

Opposition health spokeswoman Catherine King renewed Labor’s call for the government to suspend the My Health Record rollout and “commission an independent review of privacy provisions”.

Labor has already promised to extend the opt-out period by a year beyond the November 15 deadline if the party wins government.

But Health Minister Hunt refused to further extend the opt-out following the Senate report’s release.

“The opt-out date has already been extended and the opt-outs are travelling at a significantly lower rate than expected,”a spokesperson for Minister Hunt said. “We will not be extending it further as it would not be appropriate to delay the benefits to patients.”

The spokesperson added that the government would “review and respond to other items in the report”.

Submissions to the inquiry by privacy advocates, domestic violence campaigners, medical practitioners and unions had raised a raft ofconcerns about the potential for sensitive data to be misused by employers,insurance companiesand evenviolent offenders seeking information about the whereabouts of their former partners.

Shadow Health Minister Catherine King says she has concerns about how the roll-out is being managed. Picture: AAP

Default access codes, locking out employer doctors, restriction on data matching by government agencies and a blanket ban on commercial use of data were some of the amendments proposed in the Senate report.

“Access codes should be applied to each My Health Record as a default and … individuals should be required to choose to remove the code,” the report said.

Currently, it is up to patients to set-up access codes and most people enrolled in the system have not done so.

“The committee further recommends that the ability to override access codes in the case of an emergency should only be available toregistered healthcare providers for use in extraordinary and urgent situations,” the report said.

It also called on Mr Hunt to “extend the period for which a My Health Record can be suspended in the case of serious risk to the healthcare recipient, such as in a domestic violence incident” beyond the current 30 days, and strengthen the legislation to ensure that patient data could not beused for commercial purposes.

Currently, while data may not be used soley for commercial purposes, it can be used for a mixed public health and commercial purpose.

The Community Affairs References Committee also recommended that the government amend the My Health Record Act “to protect the privacy of children aged 14 to 17 years unless they expressly request that a parent be a nominated representative”.

Doctors had warned that the current system could undermine the ability of young people to access confidential medical care, by discouraging them to discuss their sexual health with their GP.

Mr Hunt has alreadydrafted an amendment to the My Health Record Actto ensure that patient records will be destroyed if the person decides to opt out of the system, and the police will only be able to access records with a court order.

A separate Senate committee last week recommended that those amendments be passed.

The Community Affairs References Committee said the agency in charge of My Health Record, the n Digital Health Agency, shouldengage with “vulnerable groups” and provide additional support “toensure that they have the means to decide whether to opt out, whether to adjust the access controls within their My Health Record and how to do this”.

A ban on third-party access without patients’ explicit consent, except “to maintain accurate contact information”, was recommended by the committee, which said the legislation must be amended to make clear that a person’s My Health Record “cannot be accessed for employment or insurance purposes”.

Data matching by government agencies should be restricted to a person’s name, address, date of birth and contact information, it said.

The ADHA should “revise its media strategy” to provide “more targeted comprehensive education” andreport regularly and comprehensively to Parliament” on the My Health Record system’s management, the report said.

Sydney Morning Herald

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Religious freedom: the decision lies with us

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Leaked details from the Ruddock Inquiry into religious freedom have led some critics to baselessly whip up fears that gay pupils are in imminent danger of being expelled from religious schools simply because of their sexuality.

Religion has been front page news since last year’s vote on same-sex marriage. Faith-based opposition to gay marriage was denounced as “homophobic bigotry which would lead to youth suicide”. Then Malcolm Turnbull appointed the Ruddock Inquiry to examine the true extent of our religious freedoms.

Ruddock received 16,000 submissions and reported back in May. But nothing was known about the report until last week’s leak. The big story was that now religious schools were to be given the freedom to expel gay students. Christianity’s critics leapt on the rumour.

Totally ignored was the fact that the federal Sex Discrimination Act already allows schools to discriminate if their reasons are in accordance with religious teaching or doctrine. Also ignored was the fact the Ruddock actually wants to tighten those provisions and limit the exemptions — and ensure that faith-based schools always act in the best interests of the child.

No Christian school is going to expel any student simply because of their sexuality. Nor has any journalist yet been able to identify a single Christian school in where booting gay kids is standard practice. It would go totally against the grain of what a Christian school aims to be: a place of tolerance and inclusion.

Certainly, it’s not a stance shared by leading Muslim educators, who would prefer Islamic schools uphold that religion’s very strict teachings about homosexuality when it comes to enrolling students. Yet blatant discrimination by any religious schools against gay kids strikes most ns as harsh and cruel.

But the position becomes more complex when the debate turns to the rights of religious schools to hire staff – especially teachers – who conform to, and uphold, the fundamental tenets of the faith.

’s Grand Mufti has already expressed open hostility to the idea of Islamic schools hiring gay teachers; saying they engage in “abnormal practices that contradict nature.”

Most Christian leaders and educators will distance themselves from the Grand Mufti’s tirade and would never denigrate a person in that way. Instead, their concern is with upholding the culture and Christian ethos of schools so that the tenets of the Christian faith can inform every aspect of the school’s life.

After all, it is precisely because of that ethos that many parents — of all faiths (and sometimes none) — choose to send their kids to Christian schools. They want their kids to be imbued with the values expressed in Christian life: tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, and attention to the needs of others.

And because we live in a free country, those who don’t want their kids exposed to that kind of environment are completely free to choose other schools they consider more appropriate.

But in order that religious schools can maintain their distinctive ethos, few would deny they need to appoint staff sympathetic to the tenets of the faith.

In order to shape the life of the community according to its religious tradition, a faith-based school is likely to have a hiring policy that covers the personal lives and opinions of its staff. A person who openly renounces the school’s stand on Christian ethics or doctrine might struggle at interview.

Equally, if somebody was applying for a position with Greenpeace or the n Greens, the applicant’s beliefs, lifestyle, and opinions would certainly be relevant. A person committed to eating whale meat and who thought the future lay with fossil fuels might struggle in those interviews.

If we really are committed to a diverse society where a wide range of beliefs and practices can be openly adopted, we will also need to be committed to a wide diversity of organisations and communities – even though at times the beliefs and practices they espouse offend us.

The debate about religious freedom shows we need to make an important choice: either we can opt for all the constraints of a totalitarian society where dissent is stamped out and conformity rigidly enforced, or we can cherish living in an open society with all its untidy complexity and diversity. The decision lies with us.

Peter Kurti is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies.

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World’s best set for beach sprint classic

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World champion Jake Lynch will contest the Curl Curl 1000, the world’s richest beach sprint.Jake Lynch was a nipper the last time Sydney hosted the world’s richest beach sprint. It’s back and he’s now the best in the world.
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Lynch opens his campaign for a fourth world title on Saturday in the return of one of surf lifesaving’s classic events.

After a 16-year break, the Curl Curl 1000 has attracted a quality field for its comeback.

Lynch will be joined by four-time n champion and 2014 world title holder Jackson Symonds and NSW champion Michael Hanna in the 120-yard dash for the $1000 prize at South Curl Curl surf club’s centenary carnival.

Although it’s the first carnival of the season, the sprinters are deep into their buildup for the world lifesaving titles in Adelaide next month.

“It’ll be a good hit-out for the world titles, you really want the best guys turning up to see where you’re at. Everyone will be in good shape four weeks out from the worlds,” Lynch, 27, said.

The Newport sprinter will also be managing a lingering knee injury as he tackles Curl Curl’s extra distance for the first time, compared to the normal 90-metre beach sprint.

“That extra 30 metres doesn’t sound that far but when it’s on soft sand it can be massive,” he said.

“You’re not too sure if you have to use tactics or go all out like you would for a normal 90-metre race.

“Jackson has got such good finishing speed, it could suit him.”

Symonds, 24, is crossing the country from Perth club Sorrento and is aiming for the 1977 race record of 13.7 seconds set by South Curl Curl’s Ken Picard.

“It’ll be a challenge. Normally I’m half decent at the back end of a race, so hopefully I can hold on. The start is not normally my strong point,” he said.

“I don’t know if that extra distance is going to hurt.”

Lynch’s father Marty coached Clayton Jones to win the last Curl Curl 1000 in 2002, so he’s grown up knowing the history of the race.

“I was always pretty intrigued by it and heard lots of stories about it, so I was really keen when I heard it was back” Lynch said.

“It’d definitely be a pretty cool thing to win because it’s such a unique race. It’s like the Stawell Gift over 120 metres on grass, except it’s on sand.”

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Victoria wraps up comfortable win in WA

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It was as emphatic as it gets for Victoria as they defied on and off field impediments to carry their title-winning domestic one-day form into the Sheffield Shield opener in Perth.
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Although rain and maiden first-class centurion Josh Philippe slowed their march to victory at the WACA, Victoria eventually cruised an an innings and 45 run triumph on Friday.

Philippe carried his stout resistance from 83 overnight to 104 but once he exited with WA in strife at 7-243 the end was nigh.

Only eight run runs were added by the tail before Victoria could properly begin celebrating Will Pucovski’s superb career-best 243 – the backbone of the visitors mammoth first innings of 504.

Victoria were already on the front foot after justifying Peter Handscomb’s decision to bowl first by dismissing WA for 208 on day one.

WA then collapsed in their second dig, plummeting to 5-45 early on Thursday before Philippe and Josh Inglis (69) provided resistance while rain also wiped out a session.

They needed more rain on the final day, but instead Victoria ran through the remainder of the WA order inside an hour.

Chris Tremain took 5-100 to fashion a match analysis of 9-137 while Scott Boland’s 3-72 followed 4-57 in the first innings.

“We’ve obviously come in with a lot of confidence after the semi-final and final in the one-day comp where we played really good cricket,” Handscomb said.

“We’ve taken that feeling and brought it here, and to start the way we have in the Shield season is awesome.

“The feeling in the camp is great and everyone is positive, we’re taking positive options and we’re trying to be as good as we can for as long as we can.

“It’s working so far and hopefully it can continue for the rest of the season.”

WA coach Adam Voges lamented a poor batting effort which saw the top order fail in both innings by folding to 4-42 and 5-45 respectively.

The bowling attack was weakened when Matt Kelly had to be replaced after being concussed while batting on Tuesday while Simon Macklin and David Moody struggled on their home deck.

“We showed a few good signs in that second innings but it certainly doesn’t mask what was a pretty disappointing performance all-round,” said Voges, who succeeded current n coach Justin Langer.

“We’ve been outplayed comprehensively at home with bat and ball, and that’s obviously a pretty tough start.”

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Watchdog considers Palmer nephew charges

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Billionaire Clive Palmer’s fugitive nephew Clive Mensink could face criminal charges, a parliamentary inquiry has heard.
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Mr Mensink is subject to two arrest warrants after he failed to abort his open-ended travels and return to to face questions about the collapse of Mr Palmer’s Queensland Nickel business.

“We are looking at a variety of possible offences. It’s fair to say that all possibilities are on the table at this stage,” ASIC commissioner John Price said on Friday, when asked about possible criminal charges.

Mr Palmer, who is preparing to resurrect his political career at the next federal election, has appointed Mr Mensink the European chief of his Titanic II project.

He said Mr Mensink would live in London to oversee the replica cruise ship project and was excited about the prospect when the pair met recently in Bulgaria.

Mr Palmer has been coy in the past about his nephew’s whereabouts.

At times he said he couldn’t provide a location as they’d been out of touch with each other, despite Palmer companies continuing to pay Mr Mensink about $4000 a week.

In February 2017, Mr Mensink filed an affidavit saying he couldn’t return because of health concerns.

Federal parliament’s corporations and financial services committee on Friday heard ASIC was aware of the media reports about Mr Mensink being in Bulgaria and moving to London.

“You can assume we are in communications with the relevant authorities,” Mr Price said when asked about a possible extradition.

“We’ve certainly thought about various issues around arrest and extradition,” he added.

“Our investigation into matters around Queensland Nickel and Mr Mensink’s failure to attend and produce books are looking at potential offences around those activities.”

He said ASIC’s investigation was well advanced, covering issues around whether false or misleading statements had been made, matters in relation to the use of company money within a broader range of groups of Palmer companies and “various issues” around Mr Mensink.

Quizzed by Labor senator Chris Ketter whether Mr Palmer was under any obligation to ask Mr Mensink to return, Mr Price said: “Certainly, leaving matters of law aside, I would encourage any people who are in contact with Mr Mensink to encourage him to return to this jurisdiction and answer very important questions that have been raised.”

Queensland Nickel collapsed in 2016 owing creditors millions, and costing 800 Townsville refinery workers their jobs.

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Wingard out of comfort zone at Hawthorn

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Hawthorn recruit Chad Wingard says switching to the Hawks is the AFL challenge he desperately needs.Ex-Port Adelaide star Chad Wingard says he feels uncomfortable playing for Hawthorn.
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But that’s a good thing.

Drafted by Port in 2011, Wingard thought he’d be a one-club AFL player but now believes moving to the Hawks on a five-year deal is the best thing for his game and for him as a person.

Wingard admitted he had become “complacent” at the Power, who finished the season in 10th spot, with his large family and friends close by.

“I was very comfortable with where I was at and that can be a very dangerous place to be,” he said on Friday at the Hawks headquarters.

“This is very uncomfortable for me to be in Melbourne playing for another team and that’s the challenge that I need.”

The 25-year-old goalsneak said that he didn’t finish the AFL season intending to leave the Power.

But when Port told him they were open to him exploring other opportunities he knew it was time to move on.

“I needed a change in my career and something to revitalise myself and not get stagnant and comfortable where I was at.

“I needed a new challenge and that’s why I chose the Hawks.

“I’ve seen how successful they’ve been in the last two decades and with Alastair Clarkson all the players who have come here have improved their game and that’s pretty much the reason I came here.

“Being valued and wanted is a huge thing and I felt that from Hawthorn.”

Wingard addressed rumours he was upset by his exit interview with Port coach Ken Hinkley, which prompted his departure.

He said his only disappointment was that he didn’t feel he got enough feedback on the issues through the season.

“Nothing outrageous happened in that meeting, it was pretty honest conversation,” Wingard said

“There was things I was told to work on, including my attitude – to come to training with a better mindset – and I was happy to do that but I didn’t get told that during the year.

“There’s no bad blood at all, I love the club, they gave me my opportunity to play AFL and I’m very grateful for that.”

He said he was open to playing anywhere the Hawks needed him, whether that be in the midfield or forward, replacing retired champion Cyril Rioli.

“I want to win the premiership for the team so whatever Clarko thinks and whatever the club needs.

“I’m just here to help the team.”

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Doma Group’s latest harbourside apartment project Huntington goes on sale

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Latest Newcastle harbourside project Huntington goes on sale HARBOURSIDE OFFERING: An artist’s impression of Doma Group’s Huntington at 35 Honeysuckle Drive. The waterfront development will have 88 apartments and a communal rooftop terrace.
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HARBOURSIDE OFFERING: An artist’s impression of Doma Group’s Huntington at 35 Honeysuckle Drive. It will have 88 apartments and a communal rooftop terrace.

HARBOURSIDE OFFERING: An artist’s impression of Doma Group’s Huntington at 35 Honeysuckle Drive. It will have 88 apartments and a communal rooftop terrace.

TweetFacebookNewcastle Herald reported last monthon a national downturn in the apartment market, saying the n Performance of Construction Index industry reportshowedunit building across had fallen for the sixth month in a row in August and more sharply that month than at any time in the previoussix years.

Related content: Developers say big-ticket projects safe from slide

“Anyone that is wanting to tell that story about a slowing down of the market in Newcastle, this will be a fairly stark contrast to that storyline,” Mr Crawford said.

“I suspect that it will be really well received. I suspect that the owner-occupiers will be out in force andthat they will be fighting to secure one, for the sole fact that it’s a team that people have trust in that will deliver a really good, world-class product.

“You’ve got a high level of finish, size of apartment and an uninterrupted view. They’re the things that buyerswant and there’s no less buyers in the market at the moment. Buyers have just had more choice.

“There’s more projects but if you’ve got a superior project in the best location with thebest product offering, the best level of finish and it represents value in terms of price then there is no reason why that will not sell well.”

Huntington will comprise two buildings designed by SJB, who were also behind Lume.

Apartments will featureopen plan living, engineered timber flooring, fully integrated kitchensand north-facing terraces.

“It’s a completely different look and feel from Lume,” Mr Crawford said.

“SJB, the same design team for Lume, worked on this one andit’s a really nice contrast to what’s been offered to market already so that’s a nice point of difference.

“The product offering is quite generous in sizing, so we think that it will predominantly be suited to that owner-occupier market that wants absolute north-facing views out over the harbour never to be built out.

“The majority of apartments have a direct, north-facing view, which is hard to obtain in Newcastle.”

Apartments are beingsold off the plan by Colliers.

A development application for the project is under determination at council and expected to be approved by the end of the yearwith construction set to begin mid-2019.

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Lehmann ensures SA hold on for Shield draw

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A captain’s knock by Jake Lehmann has saved SA from a possible defeat to NSW.South have escaped with a draw in their Sheffield Shield opener against NSW at Adelaide Oval, where the hosts flirted with disaster during a final-day collapse of 5-27.
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SA were set a target of 253 shortly before tea on Friday, when Peter Nevill declared at 8-279 after producing a captain’s knock of 72 not out.

The Redbacks lost Jake Weatherald and Callum Ferguson in a six-over burst before tea.

The home side crashed to 5-41 in 15.3 overs then 6-74 but Jake Lehmann refused to fold, reaching stumps unbeaten on 33 to ensure his team avoided what would have been an ignominious loss.

Lehmann soaked up 126 deliveries, standing up in his first Shield game as skipper, while Joe Mennie successfully survived 51 balls.

The sides shook hands when the Redbacks reached 6-103 from 44.3 overs.

“We drove the game pretty well for most of it, so to go out and lose six quick wickets this afternoon was pretty disappointing,” SA paceman Chadd Sayers said.

“The captain showed it was doable to stay out there and Joe Mennie as well, he showed some resilience.

“Better to walk away with a draw than losing six points.”

Former Test paceman Trent Copeland snared match figures of 9-131, earning man of-the-match honours.

Copeland collected 6-86 in SA’s first dig, including his 300th first-class wicket, then removed openers Weatherald and Conor McInerney to give NSW a genuine sniff of victory on day four.

Copeland later returned to the attack and set the stage for a dramatic finish, trapping Cameron Valente lbw for 24 late in the session.

New-ball partner Sean Abbott was also dominant on Friday, trapping Tom Cooper lbw and finding the edge of Ferguson and Harry Nielsen’s bats.

“We play here next week, so we’ll have to learn from our mistakes and get better,” Sayers said.

Copeland also helped himself to 64 runs in the game, finishing not out in both digs.

NSW were struggling early on Friday morning, having resumed their second innings at 3-84 then slipped to 5-121 when Nevill strode to the crease with the game in the balance.

The former Test keeper slowly but surely swung momentum, sharing key partnerships with debutants Jack Edwards, Jason Sangha and Daniel Sams.

Sayers finished with figures of 5-101 on Friday, which included his 250th first-class scalp.

“To have taken that many wickets is great. To have taken most of them for South is even better,” he said.

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Terrorists using encrypted messages: ASIO

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ASIO says suspected terrorists are using encrypted communications to plan potential attacks.’s spy chief has confirmed suspected terrorists are using encrypted communications to plan potential attacks.
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n Security Intelligence Organisation Director-General Duncan Lewis sounded the warning while arguing the case for proposed new police and intelligence agency powers to access encrypted messages.

Mr Lewis slammed “misreporting” as to why there had been such fear in the community about the proposed laws.

“I can confidently say that there are suspected terrorists in using encrypted communications and due to that encryption it’s impossible to intercept and read their communications,” Mr Lewis told a hearing in Canberra on Friday.

n Federal Police commissioner Andrew Colvin says encryption issues are hampering the investigation of criminal cases.

“Sometimes a simple passcode on a phone is all it takes to thwart police from accessing evidence that might save lives,” Mr Colvin said.

Despite the focus on encryption, shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus wanted to know why the word is only used once in the 172-page legislation amendment bill.

ASIO and AFP say avoiding the word in the bill deliberate.

The laws create a new regime for law enforcement and security agencies to first ask – and then demand – that technology companies assist them in decrypting information.

It would create a new covert computer access warrant regime and toughen search and seizure powers.

‘s peak body for lawyers has concerns the new police and intelligence agency powers could breach privacy and legal rights.

Law Council president-elect Arthur Moses said while there is value in the laws, he has “serious reservations” about the bill.

“The bill as presently drafted would authorise the exercise of intrusive covert powers with the potential to significantly limit an individual’s right to privacy,” Mr Moses told the hearing.

“If a person is required to attend a place to provide information or assistance this may arguably amount to detention of that person, particularly as they may be arrested on suspicion of an offence if they attempt to leave.

“There should also be prescribed maximum periods for giving assistance, requiring an explanation of legal rights and responsibilities, and the availability of interpreters where required.”

Telecommunications giants Telstra, Optus and Cisco were also given a chance to provide evidence.

Optus supports the “intent of the legislation”, while Telstra says it wants to assist the government in adapting laws to modern technology.

But Cisco said there are concerns about the safety and privacy of its customers.

“We are troubled by what appears to be an authority in the bill to prohibit public disclosure about the development of new surveillance capabilities,” Cisco corporate affairs directors Tim Fawcett said.

“Cisco believes any form of surveillance technique implemented in its products needs to be publicly disclosed.”

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Newcastle business Urban Hum takes its Board Balm natural surfboard wax to the nation l PHOTOS

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On board: “If surfers care about their health and the ocean then they will switch,” says Kelly Lees. Picture: Simone Peak KELLY Lees cannot fathom why more surfers don’t use natural board wax.
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“I surf and I had been using chemical waxes and they really stink, are heavily fragranced and artificial and when I did a bit of research I was horrified,” she says. “They start life as a grey sludge from petroleum refining and are then bleached using 100 per centstrength bleach, creating dioxins which are toxic and environmentally persistent pollutants. They are solidified using other chemicals that are known carcinogens, including benzene and toluene. The stickiness is derived from resins and synthetic glues and the fragrances can contain aldehydes, benzene derivativesand acetates.”

In response, Lees, who with her partner Anna Scobie founded Newcastlebee-keeping business Urban Hum, created Board Balm. The surfboard wax is made from beeswaxwith added pine resin, coconut oil and a honey myrtle essential oil.

Newcastle company Urban Hum eyes surfboard wax market Mind your beeswax: Urban Hum’s Board Balm for surfboards. Picture: Mel Muddle

Rendering: Kelly Lees making the Board Balm at Urban Hum’s Newcastle factory. Picture: Mel Muddle

Maker: Kelly Lees at the Urban Hum production base in Newcastle. Picture: Mel Muddle

Framed: Kelly Lees at Urban Hum’s Newcastle production factory. Picture: Mel Muddle

Wax on: Board Balm in the making. Picture: Simone de Peak.

TweetFacebook Urban HumLees says Board Balm is the most natural surfing waxon the market:“Every single ingredient is natural, it’s ethically made because all the beeswax is from our hives.”

Urban Hum has tested its hand-made Board Balmat localmarkets and after positive feedback is now launching it in search of stockists.Board Balm is costlier than its mass-produced competitorsbut Ms Lees is optimistic surfers will embrace it.

“It’s about educating people because they wouldn’t lie in a puddle of petrol but they lie on it with their bare skin on a board and your skin is your biggest absorption organ,” she says, adding the wax is biodegradable and doesn’t harm the ocean.

Board Balm is made from the“cappings” of beeswax on a hive frame. Urban Humrenders them by placing them in boiling water, forcing the clean wax to rise to the surface. The other natural ingredients are added before it is poured into a mould.

Urban Hum tends 110 backyard hives in the Hunter.Hive owners pay a small hosting fee and receive a portion of the harvest.The labour is tough but Lees adores her buzzing clients: “They are incredible creatures; I am blown away by the complexity of their communication and life cycle.”

See naturalsurfwax苏州夜总会招聘.au

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Royals drop in on Macarthur Girls High

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It was supposed to be a surprise, but secrets are hard to keep in the era of social media.
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Prince Harry and Meghan made an unannounced visit to Macarthur Girls’ High in Parramatta on Friday, with only the head teacher, her deputy and the groundsman were supposed to know.

They arrived at Macarthur Girls school in Parramatta shortly after HSC students at had finished an exam on Friday.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was the warm up act.

“Most of you would probably have got up this morning, got ready for school and turned up thinking it was going to be a normal day at Macarthur Girls School. Is that right?” she told a special outdoor assembly.

The answer was unanimously “No.”

The premier added: “You knew I was coming. Did you know anyone else was coming?”


But the whole school erupted in shrieks and cheers as Harry and Meghan walked into the assembly.

They first watched a group of dancers perform to the Frankie Goes To Hollywood version of The Power of Love.

Meghan looked fantastic in Roksanda navy dress with light blue trim and high heeled beige shoes.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex then spent time talking to to the year nines about the girls’ social justice project and youth empowerment.

They also heard about the NRL’s League in Harmony program which aims to unite and empower young people to be advocates of positive change in their communities.

Maithly, 15, said: “It was a lovely experience and beyond anything I would have ever expected.”

Rhiannon, 15, said: “When they walked in I felt like my heart stopped. Their presence just made everyone shocked. I never thought this would actually happen at our school.”

It was all over in just 30 minutes but the girls were blown away.

Frank Wilson, groundsman, said: “I put in an awful lot of work for just a short visit.”

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Guilty pleas flagged for stolen tortoises

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A 29-year-old Vietnamese man charged with possessing three critically endangered tortoises stolen from Perth Zoo has indicated he intends to plead guilty.
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A Madagascan radiated tortoise was stolen from the zoo in June 2011 and another one was taken in September that year.

Then in February 2016, a 10-year-old tortoise of the same species was pilfered but returned within days after being dumped at a police station in a backpack.

The other two, now aged about 22, were finally recovered last month in bizarre circumstances.

One was found in the backyard of Mai Huy Vu Vo’s Girrawheen home when police came to respond to reports of a burglary.

Days later, they found the other tortoise at a 35-year-old woman’s Greenwood house, and she was charged with trespass and stealing.

“It will be alleged the woman had taken the tortoise from the address in Girrawheen,” police said.

Vo was charged with three counts of possessing stolen or unlawfully obtained property and appeared in Joondalup Magistrates Court on Friday, when his lawyer Vinh Nguyen said his client wanted to plead guilty.

“He didn’t know that it was stolen from Perth Zoo,” Mr Nguyen said.

The multilingual lawyer was interpreting for Vo but the magistrate didn’t accept the pleas and adjourned the matter until November 2 because a professional interpreter wasn’t present.

When the two tortoises were returned to the zoo after their seven-year absence, they were found to have injuries to their shells and were placed in quarantine for 30 days.

Senior veterinarian Simone Vitali told reporters the rare tortoises, which are trafficked around the world, recover from stress very slowly.

According to the zoo, the oldest known radiated tortoise died at an estimated age of 188.

The tortoises are endangered because of habitat loss and are also used as a food source for ceremonial events, while their shells are used as ornaments.

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