Ryan Callinan pushes world No.1 all the way to end European tear

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LOOKING AHEAD: Merewether surfer Ryan Callinan in action at the MEO Rip Curl Pro at Supertubos on Thursday (AEDT) against Gabriel Medina. Picture: WSLRyan Callinan was focused on sticking to his own game on the championship tour after ending his amazing European stint with a controversial loss to world No.1 Gabriel Medina in Portugal.

The Merewether surfer lost 13.6 to 7.33 in round three but itwas far closer than the score indicated. Callinan, competing on the CT again as a wildcard, trailed 13.6 to 12.76 and needed a 6.28 when the pair had a fierce paddle battle with one minute,40 seconds left. Medina had priority and Callinan the inside line when they paddled into a wave. Medina grabbed Callinan and appealed to judges as both pulled out.Officials later hit Callinan with an interference call, which wiped his second-best score, a 5.43.

The dramatic end took nothing away from Callinan’s tear on the CT, which came after victory in the 10,000-point qualifying series contest in Portugal last month. Itall but secured hisspot on the 2019 CT and gave him a start at the Quiksilver Pro France, where he lost the final to Julian Wilson.

“I’ve had an amazing run over here. I can’t be disappointed at all,” Callinan said after the loss to Medina.“I’m so happy just to be here and to be here so long.

“He’s a ferocious competitor and I guess that’s why he’s got the yellow jersey, but it’s always good to have a battle with the guy in yellow. He’s obviously the best in the world right now and just to try and push me and push myself to overcome him, it was exciting.”

Asked if he neededto battle harder for continued success on the CT, he said: “I don’t think so.I think my wave selection was maybe a little bit off …I tried to make him make a mistake but it kind of backfired on me unfortunately.I don’t think I need to battle hard, just stick to my own game and try not to get caught up in everything that’s going on.”

Medina, who lost to Callinan in the semi-final of the QS event in Portugal, was relieved to get through. The win kept him on track to claim the world title, possibly at the current event at Supertubos.

“He was a really dangerous guy to surf against,” Medina said.

“He’s been having a good time with results and everything has been working for him, so he was like a sketchy guy, so yeah, no space.”

Meanwhile, Merewether’s Philippa Anderson won her first heat at the 3000-point Hyuga Pro in Japan on Friday with a 13.1 total.

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Major changes to My Health Record laws needed to safeguard Chinans, Senate inquiry finds

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Health Minister Greg Hunt’s changes to My Health Record do not go far enough, a Labor-led Senate inquiry has found. Picture: ALEX ELLINGHAUSENThe deadline to opt-out of the federal government’s controversial My Health Record system should be extended by 12 months and legislation substantially rewrittento safeguard patients’ safety and privacy, aSenate inquiry has found.

The Labor-led inquiry, which released its findings on Thursday, found that Health Minister Greg Hunt’s implementation of an opt-out model had meant that “an unreasonable compromise may have been struck” between the system’s utility and patient rights.

Opposition health spokeswoman Catherine King renewed Labor’s call for the government to suspend the My Health Record rollout and “commission an independent review of privacy provisions”.

Labor has already promised to extend the opt-out period by a year beyond the November 15 deadline if the party wins government.

But Health Minister Hunt refused to further extend the opt-out following the Senate report’s release.

“The opt-out date has already been extended and the opt-outs are travelling at a significantly lower rate than expected,”a spokesperson for Minister Hunt said. “We will not be extending it further as it would not be appropriate to delay the benefits to patients.”

The spokesperson added that the government would “review and respond to other items in the report”.

Submissions to the inquiry by privacy advocates, domestic violence campaigners, medical practitioners and unions had raised a raft ofconcerns about the potential for sensitive data to be misused by employers,insurance companiesand evenviolent offenders seeking information about the whereabouts of their former partners.

Shadow Health Minister Catherine King says she has concerns about how the roll-out is being managed. Picture: AAP

Default access codes, locking out employer doctors, restriction on data matching by government agencies and a blanket ban on commercial use of data were some of the amendments proposed in the Senate report.

“Access codes should be applied to each My Health Record as a default and … individuals should be required to choose to remove the code,” the report said.

Currently, it is up to patients to set-up access codes and most people enrolled in the system have not done so.

“The committee further recommends that the ability to override access codes in the case of an emergency should only be available toregistered healthcare providers for use in extraordinary and urgent situations,” the report said.

It also called on Mr Hunt to “extend the period for which a My Health Record can be suspended in the case of serious risk to the healthcare recipient, such as in a domestic violence incident” beyond the current 30 days, and strengthen the legislation to ensure that patient data could not beused for commercial purposes.

Currently, while data may not be used soley for commercial purposes, it can be used for a mixed public health and commercial purpose.

The Community Affairs References Committee also recommended that the government amend the My Health Record Act “to protect the privacy of children aged 14 to 17 years unless they expressly request that a parent be a nominated representative”.

Doctors had warned that the current system could undermine the ability of young people to access confidential medical care, by discouraging them to discuss their sexual health with their GP.

Mr Hunt has alreadydrafted an amendment to the My Health Record Actto ensure that patient records will be destroyed if the person decides to opt out of the system, and the police will only be able to access records with a court order.

A separate Senate committee last week recommended that those amendments be passed.

The Community Affairs References Committee said the agency in charge of My Health Record, the n Digital Health Agency, shouldengage with “vulnerable groups” and provide additional support “toensure that they have the means to decide whether to opt out, whether to adjust the access controls within their My Health Record and how to do this”.

A ban on third-party access without patients’ explicit consent, except “to maintain accurate contact information”, was recommended by the committee, which said the legislation must be amended to make clear that a person’s My Health Record “cannot be accessed for employment or insurance purposes”.

Data matching by government agencies should be restricted to a person’s name, address, date of birth and contact information, it said.

The ADHA should “revise its media strategy” to provide “more targeted comprehensive education” andreport regularly and comprehensively to Parliament” on the My Health Record system’s management, the report said.

Sydney Morning Herald

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Religious freedom: the decision lies with us

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Leaked details from the Ruddock Inquiry into religious freedom have led some critics to baselessly whip up fears that gay pupils are in imminent danger of being expelled from religious schools simply because of their sexuality.

Religion has been front page news since last year’s vote on same-sex marriage. Faith-based opposition to gay marriage was denounced as “homophobic bigotry which would lead to youth suicide”. Then Malcolm Turnbull appointed the Ruddock Inquiry to examine the true extent of our religious freedoms.

Ruddock received 16,000 submissions and reported back in May. But nothing was known about the report until last week’s leak. The big story was that now religious schools were to be given the freedom to expel gay students. Christianity’s critics leapt on the rumour.

Totally ignored was the fact that the federal Sex Discrimination Act already allows schools to discriminate if their reasons are in accordance with religious teaching or doctrine. Also ignored was the fact the Ruddock actually wants to tighten those provisions and limit the exemptions — and ensure that faith-based schools always act in the best interests of the child.

No Christian school is going to expel any student simply because of their sexuality. Nor has any journalist yet been able to identify a single Christian school in where booting gay kids is standard practice. It would go totally against the grain of what a Christian school aims to be: a place of tolerance and inclusion.

Certainly, it’s not a stance shared by leading Muslim educators, who would prefer Islamic schools uphold that religion’s very strict teachings about homosexuality when it comes to enrolling students. Yet blatant discrimination by any religious schools against gay kids strikes most ns as harsh and cruel.

But the position becomes more complex when the debate turns to the rights of religious schools to hire staff – especially teachers – who conform to, and uphold, the fundamental tenets of the faith.

’s Grand Mufti has already expressed open hostility to the idea of Islamic schools hiring gay teachers; saying they engage in “abnormal practices that contradict nature.”

Most Christian leaders and educators will distance themselves from the Grand Mufti’s tirade and would never denigrate a person in that way. Instead, their concern is with upholding the culture and Christian ethos of schools so that the tenets of the Christian faith can inform every aspect of the school’s life.

After all, it is precisely because of that ethos that many parents — of all faiths (and sometimes none) — choose to send their kids to Christian schools. They want their kids to be imbued with the values expressed in Christian life: tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, and attention to the needs of others.

And because we live in a free country, those who don’t want their kids exposed to that kind of environment are completely free to choose other schools they consider more appropriate.

But in order that religious schools can maintain their distinctive ethos, few would deny they need to appoint staff sympathetic to the tenets of the faith.

In order to shape the life of the community according to its religious tradition, a faith-based school is likely to have a hiring policy that covers the personal lives and opinions of its staff. A person who openly renounces the school’s stand on Christian ethics or doctrine might struggle at interview.

Equally, if somebody was applying for a position with Greenpeace or the n Greens, the applicant’s beliefs, lifestyle, and opinions would certainly be relevant. A person committed to eating whale meat and who thought the future lay with fossil fuels might struggle in those interviews.

If we really are committed to a diverse society where a wide range of beliefs and practices can be openly adopted, we will also need to be committed to a wide diversity of organisations and communities – even though at times the beliefs and practices they espouse offend us.

The debate about religious freedom shows we need to make an important choice: either we can opt for all the constraints of a totalitarian society where dissent is stamped out and conformity rigidly enforced, or we can cherish living in an open society with all its untidy complexity and diversity. The decision lies with us.

Peter Kurti is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies.

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Hawthorn confirm Mitchell’s AFL return

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Sam Mitchell is heading back to Hawthorn after two years in the west with the Eagles.AFL great Sam Mitchell is officially back at Hawthorn, signing a three-year deal to work under Alastair Clarkson as an assistant coach.
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The deal comes as no surprise, with Mitchell himself confirming two months ago that he wanted to leave West Coast for family reasons.

Mitchell has broken a four-year deal with the Eagles to rejoin the Hawks

Earlier this month, Clarkson also re-signed with Hawthorn until 2022.

Friday’s announcement completes a tumultuous two-year period for the four-time Hawthorn premiership midfielder, who captained the Hawks to the 2008 flag and also was the joint winner of the 2012 Brownlow Medal.

At the end of the 2016 season, Clarkson moved on Mitchell and fellow Hawks great Jordan Lewis.

Mitchell went to West Coast on a deal where he played a final season and then was supposed to be an assistant under Adam Simpson for three more years.

He was a key figure in West Coast’s premiership campaign and Simpson paid tribute to Mitchell in his post-match media conference.

“Sam Mitchell’s been sensational for us. We’re really sad to lose him, because he’s been great for these guys and our mids once again stood up really well,” Simpson said.

Mitchell said it had become too hard for his family to stay in Perth and he spoke to the Eagles mid-year.

“Perth is a great place, but it became apparent that with the heavy travel commitments, and living in an isolated city away from our support network, was not conducive with a young family,” he said.

“(Eagles football boss) Craig Vozzo was so supportive and we worked together to ensure that this would not be a distraction for the players.

“I am glad we did, as finishing my two years at West Coast with a premiership was a special experience.”

Mitchell, 36, played 207 games for the Hawks and another 22 for West Coast.

When it became clear in late July that Mitchell would return to Melbourne – but it was not yet certain that he would re-join Hawthorn – Clarkson said he sent him a text.

“I know Sam full well, his response to me was, ‘Yeah, we’re coming home Clarko but now’s not the right time to talk’,” Clarkson said.

“So I was put back in my box pretty quickly by Mitch.”

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Robert Dillon: Sporting Declaration

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DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS: Knights coach Nathan Brown talks tactics with Ken Sio last season. The winger has signed for Salford in Super League. Picture: Jonathan CarrollSOMETIMES it seems the only certainty in rugby league is uncertainty.
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Just a few months ago, for instance, Craig Bellamy was pondering a massive offer to replace Wayne Bennett as Brisbane’s coach.

At about the same time, speculation was mounting that Sydney Roosters were planning to ditch Trent Robinson and sign Ivan and Nathan Cleary in a remarkable package deal.

With the benefit of hindsight, it is almost unthinkable that either scenario was even a talking point.

Bellamy re-signed with Melbourne and now looks certain to spend his entire first-grade coaching career at the club he has fashioned in his own image.

Likewise Robinson, who has now steered the Chooks to two premierships in six seasons and, having recently agreed to a new four-year deal, won’t be departingBondi Junction any time soon.

A host of other clubs, however, are in a state of flux.

Trent Barrett has clearly reached his use-by date at Manly, and all the indications are that Des Hasler will make a dramatic return to Brookvale.

Ivan Cleary has maintained he will honour the remaining two years of his contract with Wests Tigers, although he is at short odds to be back at Penrith before the start of next season.

Bennett, unable to convince Brisbane’s officials that he was worth retaining beyond the end of 2019, was touted as the likely candidate to replace Cleary at the Tigers. The old fox has since reportedlyhad second thoughts and reassured Brisbane’s players he is committed to them for one more campaign.

That could well change, however, if the Broncos were to secure the signature of South Sydney’s rookie coach Anthony Seibold for 2020 and beyond.

If the Rabbitohs were to lose Seibold, would they be willing to wait 12 months to replace him –or would it be in their interests to grant an early release and instal a replacement?

It’s all as clear as mud, andgiven thatmost clubs are about to kick off pre-season training inside the next few weeks, far from ideal.

At the Knights, there has also been significant upheaval and uncertainty, but in their situation it does not surround the head-coaching position.

Nathan Brown was re-signed last season on a uniqueopen-ended contract, at which point Wests Group/Knights chief executive Phil Gardner declared: “We think thatNathanis a really good fit for us,andwe like the idea of having a long-term coach …there’s no great club that has ever been built on continual changes of coaching staff.

“You’re not going to build any great organisation without stability.

“You’ve got to build that by creating an environment that fosters it,andhopefully the communityandour fans will be rewarded with some great results, over time.”

While Brown is entitled to feel relatively comfortable about his job security, that has not been the case for a host of Newcastle players and staff.

Since the start of last season, the Knights have parted company with Brown’s assistant coach, Mick Potter, their NSW Cup coach, Simon Woolford, under-20s coach Todd Lowrie, physical-performance manager Tony Ayoub, strength coach Luke Portese,football manager Darren Mooney andhead physiotherapist Travis Maude.

As for the game-day ball boys, I’m not quite sure, but they are entitled to be nervous.

Meanwhile, another cleanout of the playing ranks is under way.

Brock Lamb (Roosters) and Nick Meaney and Jack Cogger (both Canterbury) signed with rival clubs before last season finished.Luke Yates and Cory Denniss have since followed them out the back door, while Ken Sio –Newcastle’s top tryscorer in 2018 –has joined Salford after receiving what his manager described as a “shitty” and “pathetic” offer from the Knights.

Moreover, the future of two players under contract for two more seasons, Danny Levi and Nathan Ross, hasapparently been clouded by suggestions that the Knights are willing to release them.

As it stands, the Knights still need six players to fill their 30-man roster for next season, which will be eightif Levi and Ross were to leave.

Looking at the glass half-full, the Knights have already recruitedCronulla duo Jesse Ramien and Edrick Lee, Tim Glasby (Melbourne) and Mason Lino (Warriors), and more than $2 million of their salary cap remains unspent, which equates to possibly the largest war chestof any club in the NRL.

That leaves them in a strong position to pounce on any suitable players who belatedly become available, as occurred almost 12 months ago when Mitchell Pearce decided to leave the Roosters.

By the start of next season, it could be that Brown has played his cards shrewdly and secured imports capable of transforming the Knights, who finished 11ththis year, into play-off contenders.

It could also be that the wholesale makeover of support staff pays dividends and improves Newcastle’s players physically and technically, both individually and as a group.

But at this pointthe only thing that can be said with any confidenceabout the Knights in 2019 is that they are an unknown quantity.

Like so many of their rivals, how they will perform is anyone’s guess.

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Hazlewood amps up workload, ready for ODIs

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n fast bowler Josh Hazlewood is on track to return to national duty against South Africa.Josh Hazlewood is unsure who will be vice-captain of ‘s ODI side but fully confident he’ll be fit to face South Africa, having blown out the cobwebs while bowling for NSW’s second XI.
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The workloads of star pacemen Hazlewood and Pat Cummins, who haven’t played for since the scandal-plagued Test series in South Africa, are being carefully monitored ahead of the ODI series that starts in Perth on November 4.

They each delivered 22 overs during this week’s Futures League fixture in western Sydney, the biggest test of their fitness since suffering back injuries earlier this year.

Hazlewood suggested he and Cummins passed with flying colours and are on track to face the Proteas.

“There’s the usual general soreness after a four-day game but things are going really well. The body feels pretty good and I’m pretty happy with how Pat and I went,” Hazlewood told AAP.

“We both got out of it what we wanted.

“There’s another second XI game next week. They’re just weighing up now whether we actually need to play it, we spent close to 200 overs in the field and bowled 20-odd overs, so it’s a nice build up for South Africa.”

Hazlewood and allrounder Mitch Marsh were appointed vice-captains of the Test side prior to the current two-match series in the UAE.

Aaron Finch will lead the national Twenty20 team, with Marsh and Alex Carey to serve as deputies, in the series against Pakistan that follows the second Test.

Tim Paine is the incumbent ODI captain but there is widespread speculation he could be dumped, allowing Carey to take the wicketkeeping gloves in the 50-over format as selectors start fine-tuning plans for next year’s World Cup.

Hazlewood is unsure whether he will be part of the formal ODI leadership group.

“I’m not too worried about whether I’m named vice-captain or not,” he said.

“It’s probably been my longest break not putting on an n cap.

“I’ve missed a little bit of ODI cricket through being rested and injured during the last couple of years, so I’m just looking forward to getting out there and being really fresh for a white-ball series.

“It rarely happens … Patty and I have talked a lot about it. We can’t wait.”

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Police vow to work around the clock to catch Windale child sex attacker

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MANHUNT: Officers from the Sex Crimes Squad in Windale on Friday. Picture: Jonathan Carroll Police say they will work around the clock this weekend to find the man responsible for a daylight sex assault in Windale which has left the neighbourhood reeling.
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One resident in Yertala Close, a sloping, dead-end street that backs on to the gully where a 14-year-old girl was attacked at knifepoint on Wednesday,said the incident had been confronting.

“The brazenness of it. It hits home real hard,” the woman said.

“A lot of us out here are victims of it. We’ve all come from some diverse homes, some of us mums. And it’s just rattled us, really rattled us, opened up doorways that were shut a long time ago.”

Windale sex attack reaction: ‘Some of us mums, it’s really rattled us’ TOO CLOSE: Police tape next to houses and the park off Yertala Close where the attack happened. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

TweetFacebookPictures: Jonathan CarrollThe woman’s teenage daughter was at home with friends when, only metres away, the 14-year-old girl was dragged into bush on her way home from school.

“All we can do now is just keep them close,” the woman said.“The afternoon it happened all the girls were sitting out the back there.

“It’s just made us sick. You’ve got no idea. My poor daughter, it’s rocked her because it was not even 25 metres away. I’ve got cameras I’m about to get set up.”

The woman said the attack hadbrought back memories of Windale nurse Renee Mitchell’s killing by local man Graham Sloane in nearby Bangalay Reserve in 2014.

Officers from the state Sex Crimes Squad canvassed residents in Windale on Friday and were pursuing CCTV footage that could help in the investigation.

Lake Macquarie Police District Commander Daniel Sullivansaid police hadreceived“wonderful support” from residents.

“Any and all sexual assaults are terrible, but when the attack is by a stranger on a young child, it sends chills throughout the community,” Supt Sullivan said.

He said police were sifting through the information they had received from the public.

“That said, investigators are still appealing for more. No matter how small that detail may seem, it could be the key to justice for this brave young girl.”

Schools in the area addressed students on Friday about stranger danger.

Another resident in Yertala Close said many children lived in the street.

“Everyone’s keeping them indoors and away from that bush area,” he said.

The attacker isdescribed as30 to 40 years oldwith aprominent nose and lips,asolid build. Hewaswearing a dark hoodie, dark long pants andgrey joggers and left the scene in a silver car.

Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000. LOOKING FOR CLUES: Police searching near the crime scene on Thursday, the day after the attack. Picture: Marina Neil

Information can be given to police anonymously throughCrime Stoppers on1800 333 000.

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World’s second largest mining trucks arrive at BHP’s Peak Downs

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World’s second largest ultra-class mining trucks arrive in Queensland TweetFacebookFive massiveUltra-Class Liebherr T 282 C Dump Trucks have arrived atBHP’s Peak Downs mine site in Central Queensland.
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National Group’s heavy transport solutions brandNational Heavy Haulagedelivered the massive mining trucks with police escorts and road closures.

The journey went from Mackay to Peak Downs over five separate trips throughout the months of September and October.

National Group managing directorMark Ackroydsaid this was not the everyday type of haul.

“The trucks are some of the biggest in the world and have an empty vehicle weight of more than 260 tonne so when you put that into perspective, they each weigh more than 130 standard cars,” Mr Ackroyd said.

“It takes a highly efficient and reliable team to deliver a haul of this size and our NHH guys were able to do it without any concerns at all.”

Red Bull recently listed the Liebherr T 282 C as the equal second largest mining truck on the planet in their article;5 biggest dump trucks in the world, with a payload capacity of 400 tonne.

NHH general managerIan Scottwas surprised with the sheer size of these machines but was never worried about their fleet of trucks capabilities.

“These were definitely some of the biggest loads we have dealt with but that is what we are known for,” Mr Scott said.

“We utilise top of the range Kenworth prime movers and Drake heavy duty trailers, so when you combine these with a team focus on safely delivering the biggest and best equipment there is, nothing is too hard or too big to shift.”

Now that the lastLiebherrTruck has been delivered to Peak Downs, they will each undergo a final on-site assemble byNational Mining Services, who are also a part of MrAckroyd’s National Group, and then be officially handed over to BHP to go to work.

Farm Online

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NSW kidnapping accused released on bail

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Two men allegedly involved in an abduction ring that helped mothers kidnap their children, with plans to smuggle them overseas, have been released on bail from a Brisbane court.
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Patrick O’Dea, 63, and William Russell Massingham Pridgeon, a 64-year-old Grafton doctor who founded the n Anti-Paedophile Party, are among those charged for their alleged role in a network that evaded detection for a decade.

The men were extradited from NSW on Friday to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court over accusations they helped parents abduct and disguise their children, sometimes for years.

Federal police allege Pridgeon was the main financial backer and planner behind efforts to help two mothers abduct their children, contrary to family law orders.

He is disputing two counts of conspiracy to defeat justice and dealing in the proceeds of crime to the value $100,000, along with two counts of child stealing and unlawful stalking.

Pridgeon, who has ties to South Africa and New Zealand, was slumped in the dock with his eyes closed for much of the hearing.

He owns a yacht in Perth that police believe was going to be used to smuggle kidnapped children from Western to Tasmania and then on to New Zealand.

But his lawyer Andrew Owens told the court intentions for the vessel remain unclear.

“He is 64, he is wanting to retire shortly and that was going to be a venture for him,” Mr Owens said.

O’Dea, a permanent resident who migrated from South Africa 12 years ago, is accused of being a co-organiser, and allegedly attempted to portray the fathers of the children as child abusers online.

He is contesting two counts of child stealing, unlawful stalking, two counts of conspiracy to defeat justice, using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence, and publishing an account of proceedings.

The network relied on the help of supporters to provide food, money, accommodation and transport during the abductions, and used an internal cash economy and encrypted messaging apps.

Both men have been released on bail and are due to next appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on December 7.

On Thursday, police said they had charged three men and a woman over the ring which helped parents abduct their own children across in contravention of family law orders.

Arthur Ernest Doublebay, 83, of Rasmussen, appeared in Townsville Local Court on Thursday, where he was granted bail.

Doubleday was charged with two counts with dealing in the proceeds of crime and one of aiding and abetting the publication of an account of proceedings.

He will reappear the same court on December 20 for a committal hearing.

A 78-year-old Perth woman has been served with a court attendance notice for December.

On Thursday, detectives said the two-year investigation – dubbed Operation Noetic – was still ongoing and there could be more arrests to come.

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Port Community Contribution Fund recipients announced

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LIGHTING UP PORT-SIDE: GrainCorp will receive funding to upgrade the projectors it uses to light up its silos. Picture: Marina NeilFive projects on Newcastle’s foreshore will receivea total of $1.35 millionfrom theHunter andCentral Coast Development Corporation’s 2018 Port Community Contribution Fund, including two projects that will illuminate the harbour.
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Scot MacDonald MLC, Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter, announced the successful applicants for the funding on Friday, October 19.

“I am pleased to announce that a good mixture of community activation and port-side infrastructure works make up this year’s successful projects,” Mr MacDonald said.

GrainCorp will receive $332,000 to go towards“state-of-the-art”lightingto projectimages and videos on its Carrington silos in high-definition.

The company said the projectors will be the “the same technology used fortheSydney Vivid Light Festival”, allowingthe projectionsto bevisible from across the harbour.

BEAUTIFICATION: An artist’s impression of what Cottage Creek could look like after beautification works. Picture: Supplied

Another successful project, put forward by the University of Newcastle, will also use digital projection to illuminate Brake Block Park, agreen-space located at 101 Honeysuckle Drive.

A project led by Hunter Water to explore the beautification of the Cottage Creek storm water channel received $450,000, the largest single grant inthe funding round.

“Pending environmental investigations, community engagement, design and approvals, the project could see new vegetation, open areas and promenades introduced along the storm water channel, stretching from the rail line to Honeysuckle Drive,” Mr MacDonald said.

A minibus for theSeafarer Volunteer Service, andthe Council’s Camp Shortland precinct activation works, will also benefit from the fund.

The Newcastle Port Community Contribution Fund supplies annual grants, totallingmore than $1 million,to support community infrastructure around the Port of Newcastle to improve amenity and community access.

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Supercars locks in Simple Minds to play Newcastle 500 concertPoultry and cattle feedcoming from Western by boat

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City relaxed as Victory up derby ante

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Victory coach Kevin Muscat (left) and City coach Warren Joyce can’t wait until the Melbourne derby.The A-League’s master of understatement, Melbourne City coach Warren Joyce, calls it just another game.
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But the reality is Saturday night’s Melbourne derby is so much more for both his club and the league.

After Friday night’s season opener in Adelaide, where United welcome premiers Sydney FC, Marvel Stadium will host the colour and the noise of the A-League’s biggest drawcard – a cross-town showdown.

Around 40,000 are expected, and should the number be reached it would signal a return to health for the maligned competition after lacklustre term last season.

Keisuke Honda, the league’s biggest new name since Alessandro Del Piero wore sky blue, will debut for Melbourne Victory, which can show off its A-League championship won last May.

And perhaps that’s why Joyce was keeping a lid on things on Friday.

“I don’t look at it as a party. It’s just a game we both want to win,” he said.

“It’s not a party, it’s a game of football. Two competitive teams and two competitive managers that both want to win.

“Who ever you (would be) playing tomorrow night, you’d want to win the game,” he said, nonplussed.

Muscat has two major injury doubts – newly arrived Swedish striker Ola Toivonen and captain Carl Valeri – but took the opposite approach to his opposite number, building up expectation.

“Tomorrow is a huge occasion,” he said.

“Our members and fans once again will be there to support us in huge numbers.

“We look forward to it as it’s been a long time since we’ve seen them. It will be a fierce contest.

No stranger to the raucous derby atmosphere, Muscat said settling into the environment would be crucial.

“In previous derbies, and I don’t think tomorrow will be any different, it’s been really hot in there and particularly in midfield,” he said.

“Composure on the ball is key.

“Once the game settles down the team that has the most composure with the ball will create ascendancy.”

While Victory have attracted the biggest stars, City have opted for lower key internationals such as Ritchie de Laet and Florin Berenguer.

Joyce said names – of both Victory’s side and his own – were unimportant.

“Everybody’s got two arms and two legs and that’s how we treat everyone we’re playing against,” he said.

“They’ve got a lot of stars. They had a lot of stars last year.

“Every team in the league has got good players.

“You’ve got to give them respect but no respect – the respect they deserve.

“What matters is what happens on the grass.”

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NSW government hands over $5.4 million grant to deliver Birubi beach tourism interchange

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BIRUBI Point will host a tourism interchange after the state government pledged $5.4 million towards the project on Friday.
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The Gan Gan Road site at Anna Bay is a “game-changer” for the town, Port Stephens mayor Ryan Palmer said.

“Birubi Point Aboriginal Place is the best piece of coastline in , and this funding will ensure we can enjoy and protect it for many years to come,” Mayor Palmer said.“Over the years, the number of visitors to this beautiful place has grown exponentially — causing traffic chaos and putting increasing pressure on the environment and Aboriginal heritage and cultural values of the area.”

“This tourism interchange will be carefully designed to alleviate these issues. It will become the gateway for visitors to enjoy the Worimi Conservation Lands however they choose — four-wheel drive, quad bike, horse or camel ride, surfing, fishing, or just a stroll on the beach.

Port Stephens Council community services co-ordintor Steve Bernasconi said the announcement followed years of groundwork behind the scenes.

“This funding announcement is the culmination of sevenyears of hard work by the community and Port Stephens Council,” Mr Bernasconi said.

“Many people have been involved in coming up with a solution that will create a unique visitor experience and improve the lives of locals, while respecting the value and significance of this incredible place,” he said.

“I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve been able to achieve here so far, and for what’s yet to come.”

The proposed design includes 50 car spaces, 10 coach parks and a drop-off zone that can accommodate two coaches.

The interchange includes more than 1300 square metres of covered space, public toilets and a kiosk.

Duty MLC Catherine Cusack said the $5.4 million from the government would come from the Growing Local Economies fund.

“This fund is specifically designed to invest the crucial projects which are needed to support job creation and economic growth across regional New South Wales,” Ms Cusack said.

Jaimie Abbott, a Port Stephens councillor and Liberal candidate, said 15 per cent growth in visitor numbers over the past two years had ramped up the pressure to deliver the project.

“Stockton Beach and the Worimi Conservation Lands is internationally recognised for its incredible Mars-like landscape and is a popular destination for outdoor recreation and tourism like 4×4 driving, fishing and surfing. Even tours by vehicle, horse or camel,” Cr Abbott said.

“The massive growth in visitor numbers is fantastic for our local businesses. However, the recent increase in vehicle traffic across sensitive Aboriginal lands has led to ecological damage and stress for local residents with unregulated visitor traffic congestion in James Patterson Street, Anna Bay.

“85 percent of people accessing the area, some 220,000 every year, are doing so by off-road vehicle access from the Birubi Point Aboriginal Place entrance. The Interchange will create a well-designed, integrated information centre and gateway to Stockton Beach for sand dune tours and recreational users,”

“We need jobs for our youth in Port Stephens. Investment that helps grow employment opportunities for locals through supporting our small businesses to grow is extremely welcome in our community,”

The plans have been designed by CHROFI and McGregor Coxall.

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Troy Vanderlight pleads guilty to breaching serious crime prevention order – first of its kind in NSW

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SEARCH: Police photograph Troy Vanderlight’s Finks vest during raids earlier this year. SOURDOUGH toast with beetroot and feta, a flat white, two months in jail and the state’s first ever conviction for breaching a Serious Crime Prevention Order.
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Former high-ranking Finks bikie Troy Vanderlight only ordered the first two when he sat down for a light lunch with the president of the Gladiators Port Stephens chapter at the Heritage Gardens cafe at Ashtonfield in August.

But when Strike Force Raptor investigators got a tip-off, it turned out that the time in jail and the conviction for contravening the order, imposed by the NSW Supreme Court in April in an unprecedented attempt toput a stop to the Hunter’s violent bikie “civil war”, were also on the menu.

Vanderlight was one of five Finks, as well as five Nomads, hit with the strict 12-month orders, which banned them from associating with any member of any bikie gang.

And ironically, Vanderlight was meeting with the Gladiatorto discuss howhe could attend a funeral without breaching the orders.

“He was breaching the orders to see how he could avoid breaching the orders,”Magistrate John Chicken said on Friday.

Vanderlight, 27, who police allege was the Newcastle president of the Finks outlaw motorcycle gang, and who twice had his house shot up during the tit-for-tat attacks earlier this year, had pleaded not guilty to contravening the serious crime prevention order and two other charges after his arrest outside the Ashtonfield cafe on August 17.Hewas due to face a hearing in Maitland Local Court on Friday, butpleaded guilty to contravening the order – the first of its kind in NSW – after prosecutor Benjamin Bickford agreed to withdraw the other two charges.

Mr Chicken said there was nothing to suggest the lunch meeting on August 17 was for a“nefarious purpose” and noted the conflict earlier this year had not involved the Gladiators.

Mr Chicken also said adiscrepancy in the NSW Supreme Court orders meant he could not be satisfied that Vanderlight was the Newcastle president of the Finks. That fact reduced the objective seriousness of the offence and he ordered Vanderlight serve an 18-month community corrections order, the new equivalent of agood behaviour bond, that Mr Chicken said would test Vanderlight’s claims that he was no longer a member of the Finks.

Vanderlight remains in jail, refused bail on charges of affray and participating in a criminal group relating to an alleged brawl with a member of the Newcastle Nomads in a car park of Charlestown Square in January this year.

And, despite serving his time for breaching the Serious Crime PreventionOrder, Vanderlight might be destined to live under even more stringent conditions,with the matter listed again in the NSW Supreme Court next Thursday to vary the conditions against him.

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