Horoscopes: Week beginning October 21

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ARIES: There will be temptations to gamble with money and life this coming month, with October 24, 25 bringing out the worst of these tendencies. Make certain of your position before making your investment. Parents may find their children moody. On the bright side, positive trends are active for other peripheral financial interests such as taxation, loans, wills, especially on October 26-29, November 5-8, 11-13

TAURUS: You will strongly identify with your partner this coming month, so it would be wise to have your house and home in order if you wish life to make the most of this transit. Trends are most active on October 24-29, November 5-8, 11-13, although October 24, 25 tends to bring out the worst in situations. The remaining dates are positive.

GEMINI: Your interests will be varied this coming month: from the welfare of those around you to the assessment of your own health. You need to have your routine chores running smoothly, and are likely to get your wish on October 26-29, November 5-8, 11-13. However, daily routines and communications tend to be more difficult on October 24, 25.

CANCER: There’s much to gain by involvement with your children during the next month, with reward measured in happiness. Speculative interests also fare well then, and there is an opportunity to bring home a bigger pay packet. Best days are October 26-29, November 5-8, 11-13. Be more cautious on October 24, 25 when there could be a few upsets.

LEO: During the next month Leo will relish his or her role as protector of, and provider for, the family. Living conditions as well as family relationships are therefore emphasised, enabling you to enjoy family connections and make progress in property matters, especially on October 26-29, November 5-8, 11-13. However, October 24, 25 is disruptive.

VIRGO: There are many things, which you will turn over in your mind during the next month: the emphasis is on those neglected aspects of your life and how to manage them. These concerns may be as trivial as how to approach someone or how to best organise your calendar. Best days are October 26-29, November 5-8, 11-13. Matters seem to be disorganised on October 24, 25.

LIBRA: The main thrust of your ambitions this coming month is directed towards the acquirement of possessions or the generation of income, and generally you should be successful in doing so, perhaps including a little extra income on the side. Your ethics may also be highlighted. Best days are: October 26-29, November 5-8, 11-13.

SCORPIO: You’ll beam with renewed energy and fervour during the next month, when a greater chance exists for achievement and recognition, especially on October 26-29, November 5-8, 11-13. The spotlight is shining on you then, for better or worse, so make it count. Exercise caution on October 24, 25 when things do not proceed as planned.

SAGITTARIUS: Life seems to quieten down until November 22 because this is a time of year when you need to get your life in order. Often this may simply mean giving yourself sufficient time to recoup or attend to matters you normally neglect. You need this time to sort out your thoughts, so various other matters must be held in abeyance until then.

CAPRICORN: Whilst various people pass out of your life in the next month, Capricorn will experience a renewed zest for life. It’s time to make changes, set new goals and explore new friendships, even though at times you may not feel like doing so. Parties and social opportunities are on the increase, so be selective. October 24, 25 are not the best dates but October 26-29, November 5-8, 11-13 are great.

AQUARIUS: The Sun is shining on the Aquarian career sector during the coming month, so this is a great time generally to work with other individuals in achieving these objectives, especially on October 26-29, November 5-8, 11-13. Partnership interests and developments affecting your life direction are also favoured then, although October 24, 25 are difficult.

PISCES: Piscean individuals seeking work in the next month would do well to explore the possibilities of the media, educational, and medical institutions, along with the travel industry. Others may be travelling or studying in connection with work, and October 26-29, November 5-8, 11-13 bode well for all these interests. However, difficulties are likely to arise on October 24, 25.

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