Ladies Night In at Rosina’s Restaurant in Newcastle to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

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HELPING OUT: Tina Hammond and Helen Kelman have organised a Ladies Night In to raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Picture: Jonathan CarrollTina Hammond and Helen Kelman, Breast Cancer Foundationfundraiser organisersTina Hammond is a regular at Rosina’s Restaurant in Newcastle, has been going there for years with her husband for“date night”.

She met her friend, Helen Kelman there too, who is a consistent patron at the popular Italian dining spot.

Ms Hammond’s date night soon morphed into a larger social gathering. No longer was it just a dinner for two, it was a big bunch of couples.

But the women of the weekly dinners recently decided they would ditch their partners for a week to hold a ‘Ladies Night In’ –a fundraiserfor the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

About 45 tickets have been sold for the dinner, which will featureraffles and auctions of goods donated by Newcastlebusinesses to raise funds for the NBCF.

Even Newcastle lord mayor Nuatali Nelmes has bought a ticket to attend.

Ms Hammond says she was inspired by her friend, Genevieve Burke, who hasbattled and overcome breast cancer and is now an awarenessadvocate for the disease.

DOING WELL: Breast cancer survivor Genevieve Burke. Picture: Facebook

“It floored me watching her go through it,” Ms Hammond, 48, said.

“She’s an amazing, beautiful woman who is fit, healthy, a fantastic mother and successful in life, but she was hit with breast cancer.

“I thought how can this happen to someone with so much and someone who had a lot going for them.

“But the truth of the matter isit can really happen to anybody.”

Ms Hammond said watching how her friend dealt with the disease had motivated her to hold the fundraiser.

“With Genevieve, it was one of those things, she said to me she was just vacuumingand noticed there was a lump under one of her breasts,” Ms Hammond said.

“She thought she better go and get it checked butnever thought it would happen to herself, really.”

Ms Kelman, 73, says the dinner could not have been more well timed, as October isBreast Cancer Awareness Month.

“We also thought the business in Newcastle have been doing it tough,” she said.

“And some of the businesses that I approached to buy a raffle ticket, they just said ‘well how about a donation’.

“They’ve come forward out of the generosity of their heart.”

Ms Hammond hopes the Ladies Night In will raise a fair amount for the foundation while helping to raise awareness of the disease.

“It’s very important that we get the message out there,” she said.

“Go and have your breasts checked. Go and have your mammograms and scans.

“Don’t leave it until tomorrow, go and make your appointment and get it done.”

To donate, visit:www.nationalbreastcancer苏州桑拿

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