Let me play, Bogut tells NBL referees

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Sydney Kings center Andrew Bogut hopes for better times ahead after his frustrating NBL debut.Andrew Bogut hopes NBL referees will allow him to play his physical brand of basketball.

The Sydney Kings’ prized recruit was fouled out on debut for his new NBL club and admits it will take time to adjust to ‘s referees after spending the past 13 years in the NBA.

“I was forewarned before I came here that the refereeing was frustrating at times,” Bogut told reporters in Adelaide on Thursday.

“But they’re trying their best, you know, we all make mistakes.

“The biggest thing you expect is consistency game-to-game. If your going to call a ticky-tack arm foul in game one, you better call it in game 50, that is the only knock I have.

“I have to get a feel for what I can and can’t do game-in, game-out, I really have no issue with it.

“But if it fluctuates game to game from referee to referee, then it becomes frustrating.

“It’s a peril of our workplace and something that we have to deal with.

“I’m sure they (referees) are adjusting to more scrutiny and media attention, much like we are, so hopefully we can meet in the middle.”

Bogut scored just six points for the Kings in an 11-point loss to the Adelaide 36ers last weekend but weighed in with 14 rebounds, four blocks and four assists.

But the NBL’s marquee man said focusing purely on his statistics would be futile ahead of a rematch against the 36ers in Adelaide on Friday night.

“People that don’t follow basketball just look at a score sheet and look at points, you’re going to be disappointed from game to game sometimes because I’m not going to top score every game,” he said.

“I try to rebound at a high level, protect the basket and get us a win and I didn’t do most of those very well last week.

“But if people think you can correlate stats with a good game, I will tell you now, there’s a lot of guys who put up big numbers and lose games.

“I don’t have a pass mark on stats. I have a pass mark on holding the trophy at the end of the season.”

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