Letters to the editor Monday October 22 2018

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MAKE SURE FOR SHORE: Reader Wendy Ditton, of Raworth, asks why Blacksmiths gets an artificial reef when it may have benefit at Stockton. Tenders opened last week.

USING Pinnacle reef towers 12 metres high to deflect currents and create up swellings has improved fish stocks in fiveother areas.

Why does Blacksmiths (‘Artificial reef put out to tender’, Newcastle Herald 17/10) take precedence over the disaster at Stockton where homes are at future risk? I ask Parliamentary Secretary for the HunterScot MacDonald, who made the announcement, could this not be the answer for Stockton Bight to prevent more erosion?

Sand could then be pumped in to increase the beach width. Alternatively, sink some ships, or build a reef across the bight!

Sixty-five years ago, there were threerows of high wide sand hills in front of our home in Mitchell/Pembroke streets.It took ages to get to the water’s edge, and we used to slide down the sand hillson cardboard.The height was scary.

If Newcastle City Council had not built the sea wall, I hate to think what the result would be now.Government needs to take urgent action to address the problem now, the need is urgent to save Stockton before it is too late.

Wendy Ditton, RaworthAN IDEA WORTH CLUBBINGIT HAS been reported that Gladys Berejiklian has struck a deal over pokies with licensed clubs until 2023 that will also see TAFE courses held on club premises and Service NSW services such as drivers’ licences delivered there (‘Gladys Berejiklian, Clubs NSW ink multi-billion dollar TAFE deal’, SMH 17/10).

This must be a late April Fools’joke.

Surely the Premier could not be providing the gambling and liquor industries with future customers, in TAFE students and teenagers getting licenses, or is the Premier now working for those industries?

Susie Johnson, AdamstownFENCE FURY GETTINGLOUDERFOR those of us committed to seeking justice for victims/survivors of Catholic clergy sexual abuse, it has become an unexpected struggle. The Loud Fence display at St Pius X in Adamstown didn’t last 24 hours.

If Bishop Bill Wright is seriously sorry for these survivors,I believe he must publicly condemn the actions of those who have removed our message of support and explain why we are taking this action. It is difficult to imagine how the Catholic religion can survive this travesty, having stolen the essence of many innocent human lives.

There are more families, friends and relatives who have abandoned the Catholic religionthan the few who stayed, some of whom apparently want to destroy the most recent efforts of those of us who will do whatever is necessary to bring justice to the destroyed lives of those who suffered clergy sexual abuse.

Pat Garnet, WickhamRUNNING ON ENERGYTHE electric car, fully electric, will be with us much sooner than expected, much cheaper than expected, creating problems never before encountered, requiring a far greater need of a constant supply of base load power to recharge high energy batteries at all times.

Too much time and effort has been wasted deciding how to meet today’s demand without considering the future, a future now running out of time.

Yet we are still being told, and people believe, renewables will serve the future, is just political garbage.

Truth be known the extra demand created by millions of electric automobiles could more than double our existing demand, but no-one (or no-one in charge)is prepared to openly tackle this problem using common sense and simple mathematics.

I personally will have a Chinese petrol generator professionally connected to my meter board, so what’s it going to be? A handful of coal fired furnaces or a million or more petrol generators? The electric car is here to stay, leaving renewables for dreamers.

Carl Stevenson, Dora CreekPOLICY STEMS FROM PULPITAS WE grow out of childhood we realise mythical beings like the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy and Santa are simply creations of control by adults. We look back and think how gullible we were to believe but understand the power it held over us to conform. However, for some, the belief in a story about a man who was born of a virgin, walked on water and rose from the dead remains resolute. This wouldn’t be a problem if it had no effect on the rest of society. However, those people wield such power, that they get like- minded believers elected to government. In turn, governments make policy based on those beliefs and taxpayer funding is provided to support those beliefs; for example, religious schools. Diversion of funds to support schools that spruik myths takes funds away from schools that provide real education. People have a right to believe anything they want but the rest of society should not pay for it.

John Arnold,SingletonSHIFT LEARNING TOWEST ENDFINALLY, The Store site is to be redeveloped. However, I believe the sale of the land came too late for proper planning. It has always been the perfect site for the university. Why don’t the state government, Newcastle City Council and the university get some common sense and use the site to the advantage of all the people in Newcastle? The university could sell or lease its building in the Civic area.

The full impact of 6000 students in that area hasn’t even been felt yet. Already a trip down Hunter Street shows that access to that site is extremely limited, and there’s little or no disabled parking or bike access to the site that has eventuated. Why not locate it in Newcastle West on The Store site, right next to the public transport hub and the end of the rail line?

This will remove the congestion that is going to occur in the Civic precinct and would allow the Civic site to have a purpose that far better suits the site. The Maritime Museum or the art gallery comes to mind pretty quickly.

Kim Sheriff,DudleyIT’S A DEAL-BREAKERTHE federal government’s Bioregional Assessments document shows clearly that the draw-down of the water tableif the Bylong Mine proceedswill be likely in the most extreme range of 20 metres. To contemplate that the mine should dramatically lower the water table should be enough to say no way.

What a maddening situation we face, as one of the properties in Bylong to go under is Tarwyn Park where Peter Andrews famously showed, by natural engineering, that conserving water on dry pasture can be done for the benefit of the country. What has governance in come to?

Mike Campbell, JillibySHARE YOUR OPINIONEmail [email protected]苏州楼凤.au or send a text message to 0427 154 176 (include name and suburb). Letters should be fewer than 200 words. Short Takes should be fewer than 50 words. Correspondence may be edited and reproduced in any form.

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