Letters to the editor October 20 2018

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CAUGHT, ON CAMERA: Reader David Stuart, of Merewether, says a shot of prison escapee Ray Denning may have also captured two of the region’s policing identities.

ACCOMPANYING the article about the shower block escape from Maitland Gaol(“Cops and robbers in famous jailbreak”, Topics 17/10) was a photograph of two officers escorting captured escapee Raymond Denning in 1977.

While Denning was the centre of attention, it was interesting to note that the two detectives in the background appear to be well-known identities themselves.

One looks like the late John Mooney (‘Bopper Mooney: ‘old school’cop’, Newcastle Herald 15/9), whose large funeral was conducted recently at St Josephs Church at the Junction, in Newcastle. I believe the other, taller officer was the late Brian “Chicka” Moore, a former n Rugby League representative and a member of Newtown Rugby League’s team of the century.

David Stuart,MerewetherVOLUNTEER LAND FOR NODI HAVE over the last few years have had the privilege to attend the funerals of many Port Stephens residents. Many of these people have given many valuable voluntary hours in helping local residents.

With many of these people,the true assistance they have provided is undisclosed. Port Stephens councillors should consider a portion of land to recognise the volunteers past and present somewhere on our beautiful waterfront.

Gerry Mohan,Shoal BayBOLT TO SEE CHAMPION PLAYWITH Usain Bolt trying to wina place in the Central Coast Mariners football team, he is often referred to as the world’s fastest man but that statement needs qualifying: he is the world’s fastest man over 100m.

For those who remember his gold medal run at the last Olympics they will recall that, at the 50m mark, Bolt was running a close fourth or fifth. From that point on he started to pull away from his opponents and eventually won by a very comfortable margin.In the relay final, he took the baton on level terms with his main opponent and at the 50m mark they were still neck and neck. It was shaping as a close finish but Bolt produced his amazing acceleration and won by about seven metres.

I’ll be interested to see how he manages in the A-League. I suspect that some players may be quicker than him over five or 10metres and that short sprint is very important in any football code.Bolt’s big advantage may actually come from his height and leaping ability in corners and other free kicks. Standing at well over 190cm, Bolt will be hard to stop if he has reasonable heading skills.I, for one, hope that he plays for the Mariners when they come to Newcastle. It will be a great chance to see a great athlete nearing the end of his career.

John Lambkin, FloravilleIT SEEMS LIKE POUR FORMREGARDING the fining of the Sydney Junction Hotel for a licensing breach (‘SJ’s licensee admits breach, fined $1200),let me get this right: on a busy Saturday night, two licensing officers arrive in a bustling venueand decide to set up theirown sting and accumulate drinks in a covert way, out of direct line of sight of bar staff.

I have to say, in all my years at different venues I have no recollection of this practice. Most venues I have been in control of excess consumption by denying intoxicated people service and ejecting them if they cause trouble. Personally I believe this is a stitch-up by the authorities against a venue with a previous good record. They are in a battle with the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority(‘Sydney Junction Hotel granted permission to continue late trade ahead of second appeal hearing’, Herald 24/9), and it appears to me they’ve been singled out. What a joke.

Tony Morley,WaratahCHURCH CAN PAY ITS WAYTHERE were issues discussed in Thursday’s Herald about the Catholic Church that should alarm everyone.

Firstly, their were concerns within the local diocese over the sudden resignation of the director of education, Mr Slattery (‘Questions over Catholic resignation’, Herald 18/10). The diocese’s chief executive said, amongother things, that they must ensure the proper distribution of government funds that were intended for education purposes.

Where else would those monies go?

Secondly, there is Mr Dolan’s letter (Letters 18/10), where he again appears to me to confuses fact and faith.

The fact that he has faith does not make the faith a fact. I think that he belittles those millions of faith who are comfortable with the fiction of the Bible. Once the richest corporation in the world, the Catholic Church does not need my moneyto dig them out of the holethey now find themselves in.

Tony Emanuel,HunterviewOF GODS, ALL OF THEMPETER Dolan again mentions his “Christian God” (Letters, 18/10). He has used this term consistently, to the point that it is clear that he distinguishes his Christian god from the Jewish god, the Muslim god, or any other god. I find this is very confusing.

Jesus Christ was a Jew. Christianity, the religion named for him, did not develop until after his death, so if Jesus was the Son of God (or God himself), was he the son of Yahweh, or Yahweh himself, the Jewish god at that time? But it gets even more complicated.

Just a short time before Yahweh is first mentioned, the Israelite god was El (or Elohim,referenced in Genesis). Before that, the ancestors of the Israelites/Canaanites worshipped many gods, or no gods.

So, if the earth was created by God 6000 years ago as fundamentalists believe, or billions of years ago as scientific evidence suggests, was it created by Yaweh, or El, or some other god or gods? Or did it just happen? So who is Mr Dolan’s Christian god? Very confusing.

John Ure,Mount HuttonTAR IT ALL WITH SAME BRUSHCONGRATULATIONS to Lake Macquarie City Council on the millions of dollars they are spending on beautifying Warners Bay and Speers Point foreshores.

It’s great to see we are finally having some money spent on the western side of the lake and we are seeing a slow transformation of The Boulevard in Toronto.Most recentlyThe Boulevard road is being tar sealed, which is certainly well overdue.

A question for council: while the heavy equipment is tar sealing The Boulevard in Toronto, how about popping around and tar sealing the car park at Blackalls Park Reserve? This is a beautiful and well patronised little park and deserves much more attention from the council than it receives.

Diamond Porter,Blackalls ParkLETTER OF THE WEEKTHE pen goes to John Butler, of Windella Downs, for his letter about the government vote on Pauline Hanson’s Senate motion.

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