Murdered foster girl’s mum sues Qld govt

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Thorburn is serving life for murdering Tiahleigh amid fears she was pregnant to his biological son.The mother of murdered Queensland schoolgirl Tiahleigh Palmer is suing the state government for damages, saying the 12-year-old should never have been placed with the foster carer who killed her.

Cindy Lee Palmer, now known as Cindy Uluave, is seeking compensation from the government or foster agency Key Assets after her daughter was murdered in 2015 by her foster father Rick Thorburn, The Courier-Mail reports.

The amount of compensation being sought has not been disclosed.

Thorburn is serving a life sentence for murdering Tiahleigh amid fears she was pregnant to his biological son, Trent Thorburn, who had been having sex with her.

Tiahleigh’s murder spawned two major reviews and resulted in stronger criminal checks for people seeking to become foster carers or wanting Blue Cards to authorise them to work with children.

Every member of the Thorburn family was convicted of being part of the crime – Rick Thorburn for the murder itself, Trent for incest, and wife Julene and his other son Joshua for being part of an elaborate cover-up.

Labor Minister Kate Jones told reporters she can’t imagine the grief Ms Uluave has suffered since her daughter’s body was found on the banks of the Pimpama River on the Gold Coast.

“She’s entitled to take legal action and that is her choice,” she told reporters on Friday.

Opposition frontbencher Ros Bates said the government must be held to account for what happened to an innocent child.

“Tiahleigh Palmer was a little girl who was never missing, she was right where child safety put her – with her murderer,” she told reporters on Friday.

“That little girl ran away 10 times in 10 months and no-one took any notice of her.”

She said serious problems were still plaguing child safety officers in the state, with one group in Toowoomba walking off the job on Friday due to dangerously high caseloads.

“We know that child safety continues to be in crisis,” Ms Bates said.

Ms Uluave had previously said she put her daughter into state care because she was living in a violent domestic relationship at the time, and believed it was the safest option for her child.

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