Newcastle Beachwatch with Dave Anderson: Friday, October 19, 2018

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BEACH WATCH ON TOP: A surfer at Newcastle beach on Thursday. Picture: Dave Anderson

Smaller waves on offer for today and looks like some stronger onshore winds during the arvo. Mainly shorebreaks as the tide fills to a late morning high tide. Swell from the East to N/E at about 1m. Wind light North before freshening N/E. Tides low first up and with the angle of the swell the better breaks are in the northern corners. Banks off Newcastle Beach handling conditions the best. Try Dixon and Pogos mid morning. Birubi and Boxy up at Port Stephens. Dudley, Redhead and Moonnie to the south. Southern corners continue to sand up and some erosion at Newcastle beach. Water temp 16C. –Dave Anderson

HUNTER BOATINGWindsNortherly 15 to 20 knots, reaching up to 30 knots offshore early in the morning.Seas1.5 to 2.5 metres.SwellNortheasterly 1.5 metres inshore, increasing to 1.5 to 2 metres offshore south of Norah Head.WeatherPartly cloudy.


Yesterday:Stella Ellena, 2.30am; Tatsuki Maru, 7.50am; Corona Queen, 10.40am; Thor Brave, 11.30am; Spirit of Ho-ping, 5.30pm; Ttm Pheonix, 6pm; Shin Sapporo Maru, 9.30pm; Plover Arrow, 10pm.Today:Coral Jasper, 12.01am; Bbc Adriatic, 3.45am; Hanabusa, 4.45am; Peace Ark, 9.45am; Maxwell, 1.45pm.


Yesterday:Banasol, 7.48am; Dyna Camellia, 11.20am; Dyna Camellia, 11.20am; Great Ocean, 11.54am; Legato Ii, 3pm; Eastern Bund, 3.54pm; Bbc Lima, 7.45pm; Stella Ellena, 8.15pm; Tohokumaru, 10.30pm.Today:Shin Sanyo Maru, 1.45am; Corona Queen, 2.15am; Spirit of Ho-ping, 11.45am; Tatsuki Maru, 12.15pm; Young Endeavour, 4pm; Shin Sapporo Maru, 6.45pm; Coral Jasper, 8.30pm; Indigo Silva, 11pm.

AIR QUALITYNewcastle Good Wallsend Good Beresfield GoodSingleton Very good Muswellbrook Very good

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