Keary ready to lead Roos’ bounce back

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Luke Keary will be a certain starter for against Tonga after recovering from a concussion.His Kangaroos debut lasted just 17 minutes but Luke Keary is ready to leave an indelible mark on the international stage, according to coach Mal Meninga.
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will look to bounce back from a surprise two-point defeat to New Zealand last week when they meet Tonga for the first time on Saturday.

And Keary will be a certain starter after recovering from a concussion and training strongly in Friday’s captain’s run in Auckland.

Meninga said the Sydney Roosters five-eighth had shown leadership qualities during preparations despite being the most inexperienced player in the team.

“He’s obviously disappointed he didn’t finish the game last week,” Meninga said.

“He’s been all about making sure that he’s fit and healthy and that’s really important. At training he’s been terrific. He’s a great leader, to be honest with you.

“He’s played in two premierships already, one with Souths and the Roosters. Obviously there’s something special about him.

“I’m really confident in the footy team and he’s going to make a terrific contribution tomorrow night for us.”

The pressure is on the Kangaroos to avoid back-to-back defeats in the same calendar year for the first time since 1978.

Keary’s inclusion bolsters a left edge that includes premiership-winning Roosters teammates in captain Boyd Cordner and centre Latrell Mitchell.

“He’s an unreal player. He’s proven that all year,” Cordner said.

“Any game where you lose your half, it really hurts, especially early on. But he’s a dynamic player and he’s been picked in this n team for a reason.

“I think he’s showed that in his short time that he was on the field against New Zealand. We’ll be very glad to have him back.”

While Meninga has welcomed the return of the Roosters combination, the team’s emphasis this week has been improving their ball handling.

The Kangaroos shot themselves in the foot with a 73 per cent completion rate against the Kiwis to fall behind by 14 points with 10 minutes to go.

Utility Ben Hunt will return to the bench as an impact player.

“Benny was really good, particularly defensively, and we had to do a lot of defence last week,” Meninga said.

“Our intention is to hold on to the ball a bit more this time around and get our fair share of possession.”

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A Hunter woman, 96, tells Sisters of St Joseph to hurry up and join the National Redress Scheme

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Memories: Mary* is almost certainly the oldest person who will attend Monday’s national apology to child sexual abuse survivors in the Great Hall of Federal Parliament, Canberra. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers.THE Hunter woman who will probably be the oldest abuse survivor at Monday’s national apology has already warned her daughter to bring tissues.
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“Emotional? Definitely. I told my daughter I’ll be blubbering. All these things stir up memories. It never fades,” said Mary*, 96, who was six years old when her parents abandoned her and her four siblings in 1927 and she was sent to live in a Catholic orphanage with her sister.

She is one of a number of Hunter survivors who will be among 800 people in the Great Hall of Parliament in Canberra on Monday to hear the apology by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, after a ballot of thousands of survivors who wanted to attend.

“I think this is very important for everybody. At last we’re being believed. That’s a very big thing to us,” Mary said.

She has not been to Parliament House before. Having the prime minister say sorry on behalf of ns was significant because “he’s coming down to our level in understanding us on our level”, Mary said.

The Sisters of St Joseph in 2009 confirmed Mary and her sister were admitted to the St Josephs Girls Homeat Gore Hill on January 19, 1928 and didn’t leave until two days before Christmas, 1933, when they travelled to Newcastle to live with their mother.

Time: Mary has advised the National Redress Scheme and Sisters of St Joseph that she is 96 years old and doesn’t have time to waste in seeking redress for abuse in her childhood. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers.

She applied for compensation under the National Redress Scheme on July 15 and was advised this week that her matter could not progress until the Sisters of St Joseph signed on to the scheme.

Mary would like to remind everyone that she is 96.

“If the Sisters of St Joseph don’t put money in then we don’t get it, and I’m in a bit of a hurry,” she said.

A spokesperson for the order said the Sisters of St Joseph are “committed to signing up for the National Redress Scheme. We are in communication with the National Redress office in relation to meeting the requirements of the scheme”.

Mary has found reports this week about the welfare ofasylum seeker children on Naura distressing. She believes all adults are responsible –their parents and government authorities.

“I feel for the children. I put myself in the same position. You’re helpless. You’re depending on adults to take care of you and they don’t. Parents put their children there but the government should care for the children. They should put the children’s welfare first. It’s the children’s right to expect it of the government,” Mary said.

The abuse she suffered at the orphanage –where children were “hiding in plain sight” –was too easily triggered by reports of children suffering on Nauru.

“We were silenced and powerless. We have never forgotten what happened to us as children and it’s the same for them. It’ll be a scar on them for life,” Mary said.

“I feel a lot of grief that I missed my childhood.”

*Mary is a name chosen by the Hunter woman for this article.

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EDITORIAL: Promise blooms at Newcastle Jets in a club on the cusp

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IT MAY not have immediately felt like it late on the evening of May 5 this year, but 2018is a good time to be a Newcastle Jets supporter.
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Fans dejected after Melbourne Victory snatched a 1-0 victory in last season’s A-League decider had every right to feel hard done by. In the days that followed the full detail of how the controversial goal was awarded despite the misgivings ofmany in the stadium that night from the moment it was struck. Many fans remain infuriated.

What should be remembered is that those same fans hanging their heads had a year earlier been draped in the colours of a team that had not reached the finals, let alone the heights of a grand final berth, in eight years.

They were also walking out of McDonald Jones Stadium, the first venue outside a capital city to host that decider, after their team had made history. Tickets were among the most valuable commodities in the region during that week, with flights into Williamtown becoming prohibitively expensive for some to attend the final.

The fairytale result may not have eventuated last season, but instead the Hunter got what it has long hoped for: a top-flight football side punching above its weight on the national stage.Sunday’s match against Wellington is the first test of the successors to last year’s grand finalist side. Luckily, the cast remains largely the same on paper. Those absent –Riley McGree and the temporarily suspended Roy O’Donovan –will likely take on prominence if results do not flow immediately.For the W-League side, the team appears designed to replicate its finals run from last year. Post-season fates are notoriously fickle, but the addition of a fit Gema Simon and Tara Andrews could help propel the side deeper into the play-offs.

Broadly, it is a club in perhaps some of the best shape across multiple competitionsthan at almost any stage of its history. Newcastle sports fans have, in the lean recent years, clamoured for effort and consistency as much as talent and proficiency.

“We’ve got a lot of good players at the club,” midfielder Dimi Petratos said. “We had our goals and we achieved them. But we’ve just got to replicate that as best as possible, go out there and play our game.”

Newcastle, and football fans enamoured with the attacking flair of last year, will hope the club builds a sturdy future. From Sunday, itfalls back at the players’ feet.

We wish them the best of luck.

ISSUE: 39,035

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Fans gather for royals and mental health

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Prince Harry and Meghan took time to meet the people during a walk at Bondi Beach.Royal fans dressed in neon lycra and brightly-coloured leis assembled on Sydney’s iconic Bondi beach at the crack of dawn, but it wasn’t only Prince Harry and Meghan who united such a strong front.
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were visiting OneWave, a non-profit surf community group to spotlight mental health and break down the stigma associated with it.

On Friday morning two yoga teachers said they understood why Meghan had told a group at Bondi Beach she was up at 4.30am practising yoga.

“Yoga has helped me and my son so much,” Abigail Couchman told AAP.

Abigail’s six-year-old son suffers from anxiety. After meeting the royal couple she was glad they were championing a cause so close to heart.

“Their presence here and participation in OneWave makes the issue of mental health a global one, ” Abigail told AAP.

“Harry and William are a great new generation for the royals, I think they have taken a huge leaf out of their mother’s book.”

“With them it’s less about the old stuffy family and more about how they can use their royalness to achieve some good in the world.”

Earlier in the week, Harry gave an impassioned speech in Dubbo about mental health and the need for opening up and not suffering in silence.

Fellow yoga teacher Michelle Grundy lost a 29-year-old family friend to suicide only recently. A fan of Prince Harry’s charity Heads Together, she said the duke was helping tackle the issue of mental illness on a global scale.

Alison Minnett and Leyla Sezan who hit the sands just after 6am said both Harry and Meghan had been so natural, easily carrying the conversation.

“We didn’t expect that at all. I thought the handshake would be it but they gave us so much time,” Alison said.

The pair were dressed up for OneWave and were thrilled the surf group was getting media attention.

“You can’t get more reach than the royal family,” Alison said.

Esperance Coppleson 13, and her sister Oceane 10, had waited nearly two hours to catch Meghan, their favourite royal.

“We didn’t actually think we would get to meet them because we were so far down the beach, but they came up to us,” Esperance told AAP.

The sisters handed over flowers and a small koala, to which the duchess replied “thank you very much.”

Lifeline 13 11 14

beyondblue 1300 22 4636

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Hunter child sex survivor Stephen McClung will be at Parliament House for the national apology today

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Watch as Parliament delivers national apology to victims of child sex abuse TweetFacebookNewcastle Herald spoke with Hodgson after the charges were withdrawn. He denied sexually abusing Mr McClung, but confirmed he received “a very nasty letter from the ex-bishop” who said he “believed StephenMcClung and he’d paid him money”.
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“I thought the bishop must have taken leave of his senses. From my side, if such things had occurred I should have been faced with it at the time and not by a retiring bishop years later,” Hodgson said.

He saidMr McClung “was in no way damaged” and “he went on to lead a normal life”.

Hodgson said he was a member of the Society of St Pius X, named after the Catholic Pope who died in 1914, established canon law and directed that popes should not be questioned, and should be accorded “only obedience”.

Hodgsonsaid it had “always been noted, and my references say over and over, that I was wonderful with the young”.

Mr McClung confirmed he received a settlement from Maitland-Newcastle diocese after a church investigation of his allegations against Hodgson.

A national apology, delivered by the prime minister, tells ns that “this is serious”.

Joanne McCarthy:The national apology is an opportunity for politicians to think about who they really serve

“People who think the whole child sexual abuse scandal has been this big kerfuffle and fuss about nothing might think again when they see Scott Morrison apologising on behalf of the nation and acknowledging failures across the board, including by governments,” Mr McClung said.

He believes governments and the community must demand a new relationship with religions that acknowledges they harboured criminals who committed crimes against children.

“Governments should be looking at what freedoms churches deserve, from taxes and other obligations, because of what has happened. The public funding, the tax concessions, the churches’ place in society is just way beyond an acceptable level, in my view, and particularly when you look at what happened because of that special status,” Mr McClung said.

“The national apology is at least a step in the right direction, but I don’t think churches have had to experience the real consequences of what they’ve done yet.”

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Heath Franklin gets real about the return of Chopper Read

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SAINTLY: Heath Franklin brings Mark “Chopper” Read back to life in Bogan Jesus.

WHEN comedian Heath Franklinis asked if Mark“Chopper” Read would be residing in heaven or hell these days, he pauses.

Finally henervously answers,“I think he would have been pretty lucky to get to heaven. Once again, it’s not up to my judgment.”

Five years on from his death from liver cancer Read remains arguably ’s most colourful convicted criminalcome author and entertainer. A man with an iconic voice, appearance and intriguing personality that was so incrediblyportrayed by actor Eric Bana in the filmChopperin 2000.

While Bana’s theatrical career soared to new heights after his gritty performance as Read, Franklin has also developed a following in and New Zealand since donning the handle barmoustacheand ocker accent in 2007.

Franklin’s latest Chopper showBogan Jesus – The Resurrection Tourasks the question, what would Read do if he returned from the afterlife to deliver his sermonto our increasingly politically-divided world?

“This is basically Chopper sick of everyone else doing religion so badly that he’s decided to step in and offer his own version for people’s consideration,” Franklin says.

Theblasphemous title Bogan Jesus is Franklin’s take of where Christ would figure in nculture.According toThe Biblethe son of God was acarpenter inNazareth, a vocation that would these days label him a blue-collar tradesman.

“Christianity these days hasbeen co-opted and re-appropriated into capitalism, there’s all these alarming cross-overs between really rich people and the church,” Franklin says.

“I wanted to casually remind everyone that if Jesus was alive today he wouldn’t be driving an Audi and projecting horse racing advertisements on the side of the Opera House, he’dprobably be driving a ute somewhere havinga few after-work beers.”

At the heart of Bogan Jesus is Franklin’s humourous commentary on the divisive state of n political discussion. Right versus left. Inner city versus the outer suburbs. Discussions you can imagineRead whipping himself into a lather about.

“The subtext of this show is I’m a bit of leftie when it comes down to it in terms of politics, but I also can’t stand how people from the left are so critical of working-class people in ,” Franklin says.

“I think over the last few years there’s been a sizable intolerance for regular ns who may not have a degree in social studies or politics. They just get up and go to work and hang out with their family and friends on the weekend.

“This is a little bit in defence of those people, but it’s also to a certain extent speaking about my leftie ideas. In some ways I’m trying to meet people halfway and say we all can get along.”

Who would have thought -Chopper Read, the peacemaker.

Chopper’sBogan Jesus – The Resurrection Tour plays at Newcastle City Hall on November 22.

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Cricket:Lake Mac Attack push for Regional Bash semi-final spot in maiden mtach against Newcastle Blasters photos

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Cricket: Lake Mac go all-out attack in new Regional Bash rivalry RIVALRY: Lake Mac Attack captain Adrian Chad and Newcastle Blasters wicketkeeper Ben Balcomb at Waratah Oval on Friday. Picture: Josh Callinan

RIVALRY: Lake Mac Attack captain Adrian Chad and Newcastle Blasters wicketkeeper Ben Balcomb at Waratah Oval on Friday. Picture: Josh Callinan

TweetFacebookNewcastle Herald on Friday.

“We’ve got it all to play for and I think all the guys are really keen for it. Hopefully we can put on a good showingand go through.”

Following a disrupted fortnight with uniform delays and washed out fixtures,Lake Mac mustdefeat the now out-of-contention title holdersthis weekend in order to draw level with unbeaten pool leaders Central Coast Rush.

Top spot would then be decided on net run rate, calculated on both runs scored and conceded as well as overs faced and bowled.

Central Coast, who accounted for both Newcastle and the Hunter Hitmen at Harker Oval on Sunday, have a net run rate of 1.63.

Lake Mac, who also eased past Hunter, are sitting at 1.44.

This means the Attack need to improve their net run rate by at least 0.2 in the upcoming T20 encounter.

“I don’t think it [the equation]really changes our tactics too much because we were always going in to win and win well, we neverplay to just get across the line,” Chad said.“We’ll be playing the same sort of cricket –looking to be aggressive with both bat and ball, doing the simple things right and hopefully come out on top.”

Thiswill be the first time the Attack and Blasters have played against each other.

“It would be nice as the new kids on the block to maybe dethrone the victors from last year,” Chad said.

“But we just see it [two teams in Regional Bash] as an opportunity for guys from an extended group to put their best foot forward for things down the track like NSW Country Championships and the [Newcastle] Steel.”

Lake Mac pairMatt Willett and Dan Bailey were part of Newcastle’sgrand final XI last year.

Elsewhere and Coffs Coast have already advanced to the semis while 2016-17 champions the Orana Outlaws, Illawarra Flames and Central West Wranglers meet in Bathurst this weekend.

The Sloggers host the ACT Aces, Border Bullets and Murrumbidgee Rangers in Wagga Wagga on October 27 and 28.

Finals day at the SCG is scheduled for December 2.

LAKE MAC ATTACK: Adrian Chad (c), Daniel Arms, Matthew Bench, Daniel Bailey, Rahul Bakshi, Aaron Bills, Daniel Chillingworth, Jed Dickson, Ryan Fenning, Griffin Lea, Nick Watkins, Matthew Willett, Dylan Robertson.

NEWCASTLE BLASTERS: Nathan Price (c), Brad Aldous, Ben Balcomb, Zac McGuigan, Josh Claridge, Jonty Durrheim, Nick Foster, Josh Geary, Rhys Hanlon, Nathan Hudson, Peter Lojszczyk, Jacob Montgomery, Toby Gray.

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Babbel writes off Bolt’s A-League chances

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Western Sydney Wanderers coach Markus Babbel has dismissed Usain Bolt’s prospects of playing in the A-League, declaring the experiment with the Central Coast Mariners isn’t working.

The eight-time Olympic champion Bolt has been trialling at the Mariners for most of the past two months in a bid to earn a contract.

He scored two goals in a pre-season game last week and knocked back an offer to play in Malta.

Bolt wasn’t included in the Mariners squad for their opening A-League game in Brisbane on Sunday.

Mariners coach Mike Mulvey has said frequently the club may not make a final decision on Bolt until January.

Babbel, who was capped 51 times for Germany, will make his debut as an A-League coach in Perth on Sunday.

He described Bolt as a legend and fantastic person and praised him for bringing global attention to the Mariners and the A-League.

But he said it was difficult to change sports because of the different movements involved in athletics and football.

“If it’s possible many, many other people would do it. For me, it’s not working,” Babbel said.

“For the A-League it was a fantastic period, it was top, but I can’t believe that he will play in the A-League.”

Asked if he found it disrespectful that Bolt thought he could play in the A-League, Babbel said: “If I would be a player from the Mariners that would be strange for me because I’m doing this for 20 years, 25 years.

“Then someone has come in and never played professional football before and thinks he’s good like me, it’s not working.”

Speaking to Swiss newspaper Blick, Babbel made it clear he didn’t think Bolt was good enough to play in ‘s domestic competition.

“The A-League receives much attention from him but honestly, I cannot take that seriously,” Babbel said.

“I saw him play. For all that love, that’s not enough in 100 years.”

Former Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou has also cast doubt on Bolt’s hopes of earning an A-League contract at the age of 32.

Postecoglou, who won back-to-back A-League titles as coach of Brisbane Roar, said “good on” Bolt for trying but the 53-year-old was quick to underline the scale of his task.

“It seems to have got some good attention for Central Coast Mariners, the club there,” Postecoglou, now coaching Japanese club Yokohama, told local media.

“But beyond that I’ve always believed that football is one of those sports that’s very, very difficult to just change from one to the other.

“If you haven’t done it from a very small age and hone your technique and skills, (it’s) very, very difficult at a later age to switch to our sport and play at the highest level.”

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Four Aussies caps in PX’s XI side

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George Bailey is one of four players with international experience picked in the PM’s XI side.George Bailey will captain a Prime Minister’s XI side to face South Africa in the tourists’ only warm-up match before next month’s one-day series against .

Bailey is one of four players with international experience picked in the host’s side for the October 31 day-night clash at Canberra’s Manuka Oval, alongside Nic Maddinson, Jason Behrendorff and Gurinder Sandhu.

Teenage NSW batsman Jack Edwards’ dream rookie summer will also have a chance to continue, named to play his first match against a senior national squad in the Chris Rogers-coached side.

It comes just a month after he became the youngest player to notch up a century in the domestic one-day cup at age 18 against Queensland, scoring 116 off 112 balls.

“It’s pleasing to have a number of players who have represented , led by George Bailey, and as in recent years there’s a good blend of experienced cricketers and some of the country’s best young players,” selector Greg Chappell said.

“On the batting front, there are four players aged 21 or under in Josh Philippe, Jack Edwards, Max Bryant and Jason Sangha.

“Josh, Jack and Max impressed with their performances in the JLT One-Day Cup and this is a great chance to test them against an international line-up.”

South Africa will travel from Canberra to Perth for the first of three one-dayers on November 4 then play in a one-off Twenty20 match on the Gold Coast.

PM’s XI: George Bailey (capt), Jason Behrendorff, Max Bryant, Ben Dwarshuis, Jack Edwards, Nic Maddinson, Kurtis Patterson, Josh Philippe, Usman Qadir, Gurinder Sandhu, Jason Sangha. 12th man: Tom Engelbrecht.

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Police won’t apologise to ‘terror suspect’

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Charges have been dropped against a Sri Lankan man accused of a plot to kill then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and foreign minister Julie Bishop, with police admitting he probably didn’t write threats contained in a notebook.

But they’re refusing to apologise to 25-year-old Mohamed Kamer Nilar Nizamdeen, who’s planning to sue for compensation after being detained in Goulburn’s supermax jail.

The University of NSW contractor was charged with creating a document in connection with preparing for a terrorist act, and spent four weeks behind bars before being released on bail in late September.

Hand-writing experts found differences between the script in the notebook and Mr Nizamdeen’s own writing, and following “definitive advice” on Thursday the charges were formally withdrawn on Friday.

AFP Assistant Commissioner Ian McCartney subsequently told reporters “at this stage, based on the evidence we’ve got, it’s likely he did not write those comments in the notebook”.

NSW Assistant Commissioner Mick Willing denied police had ruined the young man’s life, stating “those who were involved in the production and manufacture of (the notebook) are the ones who’ve had an impact on Mr Nizamdeen”.

He said the investigation was ongoing because “there were very serious threats against individuals contained within that document”.

The senior police argued investigators had acted in good faith and notified prosecutors as soon as they realised there could be an issue with the evidence.

Asked if Mr Nizamdeen had been framed, Mr McCartney replied: “There are a number of lines of inquiry in relation to this investigation.”

Both assistant commissioners refused to apologise to Mr Nizamdeen.

The NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team said it supported the decision to withdraw the charges.

“The very nature of terrorism matter often means that police need to intervene earlier than they would in normal criminal matters,” NSW Police said in a statement on Friday.

The business systems analyst was not present in Sydney’s Central Local Court on Friday when prosecutors withdrew the charge.

Outside court, his lawyer Moustafa Kheir told reporters “what authorities have done to this young man is absolutely unforgivable”.

“We will be seeking justice for him in the NSW Supreme Court,” he said.

“It’s a terrible experience, as a young man who has done everything right in life, he has gone through supermax jail in unforgivable circumstances.”

Mr Nizamdeen was arrested by counter-terrorism officers at the university in August after a tip-off from a colleague.

Police said the university worker had found a notebook that allegedly named several “symbolic locations within Sydney” and individuals as “potential targets”, including Mr Turnbull and Ms Bishop.

Mr Nizamdeen was in on a student visa which has since expired.

His supporters and family rallied in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo in September, carrying posters saying he had been framed.

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