Short Takes October 20 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

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MY EXTREME heart-felt sympathy, Trevor Simmons, (‘Highway Hit-Run’, Newcastle Herald18/10). In the 1970s, I took up cycling to commute in Sydney. It integrated exercise in the sedentary eraand easily beat the traffic. Culturallyit was the can-do,get-on-with-it attitude Aussies love to claim. I persevered for 15 years. In NSW, bicycle policy is tokenism. The message is clear. If you don’t use your car, your a second-rate person.

Graeme Tychsen,Rankin ParkI don’t know why they are putting a time capsule in Lambton Park (‘Capturing life now for future residents’, Herald 18/10). Gladys will flog off the park to the highest bidder and turn it into another ugly subdivision full of grey and black roof boxes.

Peter Grant,Speers PointI AM a white male, my missus has brown skin and our kids a beautiful mix. At this time of year, as summer approaches and the beach calls, I find myself thinking it’s a bummer to be white.

Dave McTaggart,EdgeworthTHANKS Beverley (Short Takes 18/10) for the English lesson. The funny thing is, I agreed with you when I thought you meant that Alan Jones’ behaviour was “abhorrent”. Now for the deafening silence fromall the Jones-sponsored bully boys who are too frightened to even describe his outburst to be “aberrant”

Tony Emanuel, HunterviewHOW wonderful to see the Duchess of Sussex wearing jeans to Dubbo – jeans that were made to help survivors of sex and human trafficking in Cambodia. Alas, that would not be allowed if the Duchess was to wear them to the Newcastle Jockey Club into the cocooned area of the members’ bar. It seems some people just haven’t entered the 21st century.

Vicki Hincks,EleebanaI AMnot a royalist but watching Harry and Meghan cuddle Luke Vincent, thelittle boy with Down syndrome(‘Royals charm Dubbo with hugs and rain’, Herald 18/10),was one of the nicest things I’ve seen for a long long time.

John Keen,GatesheadWHEN will the n selectors wake up and stoppickingthe Marsh brothers to bat for ?

Greg Parrey,AshtonfieldONE of the most failed policies, and one that has brought shame on by predominantly white European governments since federation, is the treatment of the original inhabitants of this land. If we can’t get it right after throwing billions of dollars at it for a period spanning 200 years, surely it is time to shed our ego and listen to the elders of that persecuted race and let them show us how to make it work.

Allan Earl,ThorntonCHRISMarley (Letters 17/10), do you mind if I join you on your next trip through the valley? I love a long walk or perhaps we could ride donkeys, only a hypocrite would use a vehicle. Then again, donkeys fart just like cows. So do humans, so maybe we should just stay home and turn the lights off.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

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