Short Takes October 22 2018: readers have their say on the day’s news

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A BIG welcome back to David Lowe and his Lowedown column in Friday’s Newcastle Herald (‘Jets all set to kick on’ Herald19/10). David’s knowledge, thoughts and opinions on the Jets and all things football make for a great read. All the best for another great season Lowy and go the Jets.

Murray Fennings, CardiffDEAR Barnaby, you bugger things up by running for the Nationals’ leadership and I’ll neveragainprotect you from that gatecrashing “sunflower man” at that Bendigo pub by twicethrowing him out!

Howard Hutchins, Chirnside ParkMATTHEW Endacott (‘Park the pessimism, this city is going places’, Opinion 19/10):well laid out. Newcastle, “the second oldest European settlement of the mainland”, is also the most n placeby far. So why aren’t there rail services connecting it to global Sydneygoing right to our estuarine coast? Or is this being pessimistic?

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin ParkTHANK you to Tim Crakanthorp, state member for Newcastle, and his staff for contacting me regarding my letter (Short Takes17/10). It’s good to know our elected representative is concerned and willing to try to resolve the important issues that many disabled people experience. I look forward to hearing the outcome of these ongoing discussions with the relevant parties.

Trish McKay, Cooks HillCARL Stevenson (Letters, 13/10) asks as to how cricketers shining one side of the ball on the front of their whites is not considered as ‘tampering’ with said ball.Carl, the great Freddie Trueman once said “you rub the ball on the right side of your trousers for a bit of shine and on the left side for a bit of pleasure”.

Mike Sargent, CootamundraSHAME on Newcastle City Council. Under a secret deal with a private company you have allowed our Foreshore Park to be appropriated for two months for Supercars’ profit at the best time of the year!

John Hudson,Newcastle EastA NUMBER of people expect other life exists in the universe. I undertook years of study into medium-ship to see if it was genuine, concluding mediums do connect toan intelligence with knowledge of the present and past. The intelligence is not little green men, but I believe the intelligence does exist.Belief in another intelligence, or a god, perhaps does have truth to it, based on my study.

Agner Sorensen,TeralbaJUSTa simple policy change, or porkbarrelling at the highest level?The PMis thinking of moving the n Embassy in Israel from Tel AvivtoJerusalem (‘PM considers embassy shift’,Herald17/10). Let’s look at the Wentworth bye election. The Liberal candidate, Dave Sharma, is a former ambassador to Israel. 13 per centof the voters in Wentworth are Jews (AFR 16/10). Considering the PMrejected this idea a few months ago, I thinkit is very strange he would change his mind on the eve of the Wentworth by-election.

Darryl Tuckwell,Eleebana

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