Trigger warning – Supercars and circuses mentioned

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CARN THE CAR-NIVAL: There’s already been some mad action, and that’s just on social mediaIt’s fighting season in the city.

How do I know? Someone mentioned Supercars and it all kicked off.

Apparently the clank of barricades being assembled was the signal to start blueing. Honestly, I couldn’t hear anything over the yelling on social media. How do I know it was yelling?Because there was a sudden rash of comments written with the CAPS LOCK on. This device apparently turns up the imaginary volume on a comment to 10. Some commentersget allSpinal Tap and “take it to 11” by adding multiple exclamation marks.This gives the impression that the author is not only mad as hell but, quite possibly, homicidal.

Office workers would be familiar with the passive aggressive (PA) email. It usually involves an unnecessarily polite request to do something you have either forgotten to do, or have just wilfully ignored.

These missives usually begin with “It has been brought to my attention”.

But, around this time in the city, niceties are dispensed with and social media comments default to plain, old aggressive.

Some examples of trigger words or expressions that stir strong emotions around these parts are: “road closures”, “NIMBY”, “East End”, “snow flake”, “whingers”, “bogans”, “noise”, “Simple Minds”and, strangely, “circus”.

Apparently some people take exception to ‘circus’ being used to describe the Newcastle 500. In my experience, circuses are fun. That is, when they feature only human performers, not animals in tortuous get ups.

I’m not sure if it is still there, but remember that signpostin Newcastle’s West End, near Marketown, that said “Remember the circus?” I recall when this historic signpost was unofficially amendedto “Remember the cruelty?”.

It seems we have history with the word.

The only negative connotations of ‘circus’ for me involve creepy clowns and questionable battered food on a stick.

At the risk of stirring the big pot of crazy, maybe I could suggest “festival”. Or, maybe car-nival? See what I did there?

The car-nival is back.

Actually, how about: The CAR-NIVAL!!!!!!! IS BACK!!! ?

I’ll float the idea on social media and get back to you.

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